Why The LGBT Community Scares The Holy BeJesus Out Of The GOP



It does make you wonder why the Republicans are so anti-gay as a party. Oh, that's not to say everyone in the Republican party is homophobic -- but we can argue that their most vocal spokespeople certainly are. And on the state level, it's even more acute than nationally.

One reason might be that the conservative wing of the once Grand Old Party (now the WHOMP - White Homophobic Old Men's Party), is being led by the nuts (take that any way you wish) by the Tea Baggers. And they fear anyone or anything that doesn't look old, white, Anglo-Saxon Christian.  Anyone else -- Jew, Muslim, immigrant, minority -- is a threat to them. And their rule book is the bible. More appropriately, their interpretation of its teachings. When it suits them, they quote it. When it doesn't, they interpret it.

The anti-gay movement within the Right-wingnut conservatives bible-thumpers isn't really new, Yahoo News:

Then there are the influential conservative “Christian” groups who have long demonized gays, such as Bryan Fischer at the American Family Association (AFA) who said the “homosexual agenda” is “the greatest immediate threat to every freedom and right that is enshrined in the First Amendment.” Even the Republican Party’s 2012 platform made it seem like the end of days were approaching with their description of gay marriage as “an assault on the foundations of our society.”

So, if Fisher and his AFA group are to be believed, the LGBT community is out to get us. They're the enemy. They're going to enlist us to join (I wonder if they have glossy membership cards) or if we're not willing to convert, to enslave us. By that I guess they mean to turn us into concubines and rape us and our children -- not to mention our pets.)

 AFA’s former general manager, Dr. Buster Wilson, explained the “homosexual agenda” in this light: “Simple ‘equality’ is not the goal of the gay activists.  They want total domination in some cases…not just ‘accept them’ but to bow to them and their wants.“

Who can argue with that reasoning? Us straight folks face a real threat of enslavement and domination. Oooh. Whips. Yup, that's the gay S&M scene. We should all thank visionaries like Fisher and Wilson. They have seen the light. Pull out all the stops to make sure the gays don't even find equal protections under the law or else.

Comedian Sabrina Jalees,  revealed a bit of the homosexual agenda: “You should see what we've got planned once we get our equal rights. We're gonna go ahead and keep living. Almost exactly the same way heterosexuals do, just with better clothes.”

So now we know what's behind the Conservative hatred core. But my favorite comment about the LGBT haters out there is this comment from comedian, Jim David. He put it succinctly: “People who aren't having any good sex are seriously threatened by those who are.”

Anyone else out there who thinks it's time to stop this Conservative right-wing hatred?

  • Michael David Barber Moghul

    We basically scare the holy hell out of them because we live our lives as we see fit without bowing to their authoritative garbage by blindly letting them make the rules and tell us how to live. Screw them.

  • David G

    Put a ditto on that from me as well. DG

  • Maritzasolito

    I am a woman married to a man and the #LGBT community has
    never threaten marriage.

  • Maritzasolito

    Congratulations to your son, his partner & you.

  • Bose

    Lucky for us, conservatives are pretty adept at discrediting themselves. All we have to do is let them keep talking.

    Ross Douthat is one who is at least admitting that marriage equality is on its way nation-wide, but today he's framing it in screwy terms about hetero-only marriage supporters' upcoming "surrender." Yeah, because equality supporters are the bullies forcing the ruin (redefinition) of marriage generally, they need to be kind and gentle to those who are losing the right to stigmatize their LGBT families.

    At least it's silly enough to be comical. Same-sex couples are coming forward to tell conservatives, you're right, marriage matters! Marriage and families win! Hetero couples will continue to comprise 95%, give or take, of all married couples. They remain free to use it as well, or as poorly, as they wish. Instead of diluting or tarnishing marriage's cultural brand, we come forward as gay people to hold up the marriages of our grandparents and peers as endeavors worth emulating.

    So, for Bryan Fischer, Buster Wilson and others, it's not enough to win new fans and practitioners of marriage after generations of keeping them out, they've got to accuse them of being as heartless and vindictive as conservatives have been. That won't go well for them, needless to say.

  • BPMM

    My son is gay and has married his partner recently. He is the happiest I have ever seen him and his friends are some of the most talented and loyal I've ever met. Gay haters don't speak about gays from a position of knowledge, .......they are just bigots.