Young people sign up for Obamacare, premiums drop, per report GOP will likely dismiss


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Ooo, another Obamacare good news story. Ruh roh! Get ready for Republicans to:

1. Dismiss the report entirely...

2. Make up their own numbers...

3. Lie about the report's content on Fox, then continue to distort the distortions until they...

4... morph into their own "news story" because the Foxers will repeat it so often that their other shows will use the hosts' commentary as headlines...

5. Wish The Affordable Care Act into the corn field while writing up more destined-to-fail bills to repeal Obamacare.

Read it and weep, GOP. Via the Los Angeles Times:

The average premium paid for Obamacare coverage on a leading insurance website has dropped by nearly $100 a month since October as more young people sign up, a new industry report shows. [...]

The average premium for 2014 health plans sold through EHealth tumbled from $370 a month to $273 over that period, which the company said reflects a higher proportion of younger applicants.

See, the whole point is to get enough younger, healthier people to sign up in order to "help offset the higher medical costs of older, sicker policyholders in the overall insurance pool." And, oops, GOP! They're doing just that!

Oh, and about some of those rising rates we've been hearing so much about?

While rates are up, annual deductibles went down on average.

Many consumers are eligible for federal premium subsidies based on their income, shielding them from the full cost.

So there's that. Bummer, huh naysayers?

Fun fact: Minnesota had the lowest average premium for individual plans, and Oklahoma had the cheapest family plans. Alaska had the highest for individuals, New Jersey had the highest for family plans.

Did I mention that four million Americans have now enrolled on and through state exchanges? What a commie Marxist French gay Kenyan failure.

  • Bob Iames

    Talk to me after November.

  • Whoops, ACA is working, offering better coverage to more people, giving those who never had coverage a way to get medical care and, you know, stay alive and stuff, it is here to stay, and all the talking points in the right wing bag of tricks won't change that. Sorry if that ruined your day.

  • Bob Iames

    Whoops, you left out two things in the report... 1/ 3.5 to 6 million (depending on whose number you use) have been kicked off existing plans, the majority of those signing up for ACA are those people, ie. they already had insurance pre-ACA. 2/ "someone" (tax payers) will be making up the difference in premiums for those who get a lower one. There is no such thing as a free lunch. Sorry if that ruined your's and the Times fantasy.

  • LOL! Ask him to treat you to dinner, then bring me the leftovers.

  • Alan Nudi

    thanks 🙂

    Yes, Barack and I are best buds 😛

  • You're on a first name basis with the president?

    Well, since Pres. Obama was elected: Obstructing every plan Dems/Obama have come up with to help the economy, education, health care, you name it; Citizens United push; privatizing everything in sight; union busting; voter suppression; every prediction they've made about everything; women's rights; gay rights; health care (repeal ACA, kill Medicare, etc.); supporting war with Iran, Syria; and that's just for starters.

  • Alan Nudi

    Gotcha, I was actually wondering about 'since PBO became president'
    I voted for Barack the first time because of those things, but I didn't vote him the second time.

  • You mean other than crashing the economy, the fraudulent Iraq War, torture, privatizing, corporate coronations, Katrina, and being the worst administration on record on environmental issues?

  • Alan Nudi

    What were they wrong about?

  • Jason Rowe

    I'm trying to remember; Has the GOP been right on ANYTHING since PBO became president? I miss the good ol' days, like during Dubya's tenure, when the Republicans were wrong only 99% of the time...