Boehner Might Be Placed on Suicide Watch

Suicide Prevention Boehner

Suicide Prevention Boehner

If you or I threaten to kill ourselves, it's not uncommon for concerned friends of relatives to band together and put the disturbed on a suicide watch. It's for their own safety. After all, committing suicide is not only a crime, but it's a loss of a valuable life. Despite the despair one goes through, suicide should not be an viable solution. But do the Republicans care? Truth is they actually haven't for years. Now their Speaker of the House is a case in point:

Now whether John Boehner is a man of his word remains to be seen. His record is iffy at best. But he has publicly spoken out against the passage of raising the minimum wage. And he's actually threatened to keep it from a vote. And he has said he'd rather commit suicide than take that action.

As reported by The HILL:

“I’ll commit suicide before I vote on a clean minimum-wage bill,” Boehner, then the head of the House Republican Conference, said at the time.

Now to be fair, he made this threat two minimum wage increases ago and has yet to act on it. The common wisdom is that people who talk about killing themselves are less likely to actually go through with it -- they're looking for attention. But the GOP head honcho has gone public with his threat, and rumors (mine) are that he must be watched carefully as the Democrats are about to circulate a discharge petition, which would force a floor vote on increasing the minimum wage. If it goes through, watch out. We may have the Tea Party holding Boehner to his words and force him to do what he's threatened -- kill himself.

Not that Democrats or Tea Party members would care if Boehner were to martyr himself by taking his life for political reasons, but I think the message it sends would not be a good one. If you can't win, kill yourself.

Do I take the Speaker at his word that he's actually going to act upon his threat? Hell no! But it does make you think that this is just more fake posturing on the ineffective Speaker's part. One more in a long line of hollow threats.

So, Republicans, if you care about Boehner's continuing in office, or even living, maybe now's the time to force the leader out of his office for medical and mental purposes. You can replace him with someone more stable... if you can find someone. In your dysfunctional, fractured party a sane replacement could be hard to find

  • David G

    You're right, Art. I merely poke fun at the ol' Speaker using his own words -- I'd never wish him physical harm -- but I certainly do hope one day he wakes up and realizes all the lives he's ruined with partisan politics.

  • Art E. Cabral

    This could (would) be a good thing, over-all. But we should never encourage such behavior nor wish it upon anyone. it would be best if Boehner would resign, go away back to Ohio and take up scrap-booking.

  • David G

    Sally, I agree with you, but I think in 1881, as well as in 1885 Tombstone, the Earp brothers and Doc Holliday did get things done. Maybe not legally, but they sure kept the peace and there was progress.

  • Sally

    Yes, if only John kept his word...about anything. Please, voters, let's return the House to sanity. And keep the Senate. And finally, get something done for the people of this country instead of the corporate rulers. Time for progress. This is not 1885 Tombstone.