Gay Dads Get Hateful Birthday RSVP For Their Daughter


Gay Birthday Invitation w398h263

Laffy Note: This turned out to be a hoax by some DJs. Here's the scoop via Joe My God.

So you're two proud gay dads and can't wait to throw your daughter the best birthday party imaginable. You send out invitations and you expect, out of respect for your daughter, you'll get mostly positive responses. That's not really too much to expect.
Let me repeat, two GAY dads.

So above is the RSVP response they got from the mother of an invitee via HuffPo:

Tommy will NOT attend. I do not believe in what you do and will not subject my innocent son to your "lifestyle." I'm sorry Sophia has to grow up this way. If you have an issue or need to speak to me: [number erased]

Ignorance does really start at home, but it's not started by the young. It's started by the old. It's the parents, not the innocent kids. Now there's so much wrong with that short response, but really, is this 2014 or the dark ages? What does Tommy's mother think is going to happen to her son if he attends? Is he going to be molested? Is he going to be sold into slavery? Is he going to be "indoctrinated?"

Obviously this mom thinks any or all of those will happen. What's her giveaway -- She highlights "lifestyle" as if it's a choice for these two men. They evidently missed out on getting into Marcus Bachmann's (Rep. Michele's husband) program of conversion therapy.

How awful to be brought up in a heterosexual household by ignorant adults rather than being the child of two same-sex, loving people who want to teach their child that there's more to life than news, weather, sports -- oh, and bigotry.

I wonder if the rack where they hang their house and car keys has the reminder, "Hate, don't leave home without it."

  • David G

    I wonder how long until the station announces that these two culprits in the fraud are fired.

  • Bose

    Yeah, the specificity of the claim that the writer wanted the phone number published was bizarre... as if they were fishing for outrageous or threatening responses to broadcast. And then, it was despicable to slow-walk the apology once it was clearly going viral. These guys are supposedly professionals who should have cut this off at the knees.

  • David G

    Thanks from me too, Bose. I just heard the truth. thanks to your alert. How awful that someone would stoop to this level. DG

  • Thanks Bose! Yes, someone told me about this, and I emailed David, but he must not be around. I'll add an update for him.

  • Bose

    Actually, this turned out to be a rather horrific hoax created by the radio guys who publicized it. They've apologized, sorta, but also tried to marginalize it as an experiment for sparking conversation.