Hillary Clinton Left Sucking Elizabeth Warren's Fumes



While Hillary plays, Warren soars. That's something that is quite interesting and intriguing to consider. We know what Hillary Clinton has done in the past and her wealth of experience. But lately there's a new kid on the block who's pushing some very strong changes in Washington. They're being met with a good amount of skepticism on the right, as would be any change. But on the left and in the all important center, she's scoring some major points.

Here's what Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts) has been up to lately -- in no order of intended importance.

  1. She's been fighting for lower cost educational  student loans, which happened.
  2. She's been leading the way for the new Dodd-Frank banking regulations bill. It's moving through committee as we speak.
  3. She's proposed INCREASING Social Security payments, not decreasing them, allowing seniors more buying power. That's gaining great attention among the lawmakers.
  4. She's stood up to President Obama on his judicial nominations, pointing out that too many of them come from Wall Street banking and not enough from tort and criminal law. She's against too much big business influence on laws and regulations.
  5. She's been fighting and gaining traction against the too big to fail excuse. She's pushing for jail terms for the banking execs who have lead their investors into huge, risky and in some cases, scandalous investments.
  6. She's leading the move to help the post office support itself by giving it more financial services it can perform like check cashing.  Details here
  7. She proposing changing student loans to be more like house or car loans -- renegotiable if the rates go down.

According to The Daily Beast:

Elizabeth Warren4

 Unlike a loan to pay for a house, a vehicle, or just about anything else your heart desires, you can’t refinance a student loan. The result is that student loans have become a rare way for the federal government to generate revenue, making $66 billion in profits off them between 2007-2012.  Warren told The Daily Beast that she is discussing legislation with colleagues that would allow students to refinance their federal loans at rates currently offered to new borrowers. 

Perhaps the presumptive front runner on the Democratic side Hillary C., might want to get off her recliner and start making a little more noise and taking stands on some issues. Senator Warren has the pulpit right now, with her current upper house seat. But Ms. Clinton better get a move on before the the party starts looking at a fresher, younger and quite vibrant up and comer. 

If not, come 2016, the Dems might just go with a fresh face and some strong ideas -- consumer protections might be more important that 22 trips to Benghazi.

Take a look at this short ad that Ms. Warren put out when running for the Senate. She's made her goals known, and she's making great headway toward them.

Important for Hillary to consider: The longer you stand on the sidelines and let others define you, the harder it is to later define yourself.

The Democrats might just have a primary race yet, and if Joe Biden jumps in, all eyes might just move to Elizabeth Warren. She says she's not interested, but we've all heard that denial before.

  • I would love to see her there.

  • David G

    The despair this country finds itself in with the GOP obstructionism can never be soothed or eased soon enough. Whether EW's time is 2014 or another time remains to be seen. But she's not a kid. And she's quite a warrior. We need someone like that -- and it may be Hillary in 2016 -- but if Warren should determine she's ready to test the waters, she'd be a great advocate for all of us.

  • Warren taking the top office too soon is a legitimate concern. Don't get me wrong, so far there is nothing about this woman I don't love - I just don't want the nation to miss out or delay all the great changes I know she's capable of instituting.

  • David G

    Sally,if she want the top job, she's going to have to work for it. Now would be a good time to start with policy statements. She's currently being painted into a box by the GOP who have nobody to run, so everyone is running against Ms. C.

  • David G

    As a native son of Massachusetts, I can't help it if we put out some exceptionally talented political folks, with a few bad apples in the bunch. Warren can handle herself in all areas -- and my point was really to light the ignition fire under Hillary to start making some policy statements. If Hillary C is smart, she'll just copy off of Warren't papers.DG

  • differentdrummer

    Please, please stop this.

    Elizabeth Warren with seniority on the Banking Committee is a force poised to make Wall Street brigands wet their worsted wool.

    Elizabeth Warren running for president will be constantly driven into political box canyons as the right wing and the media force her to talk about everything else BUT Wall Street and make a circus of her policy shortcomings.

    Moreover, Massachusetts is getting pretty damn sick of special elections for Senate.

    Stop this. Please.

  • Sally

    I think Liz feels she can do more good in Congress, than by being in the WHITE House and fighting Congress. And give Hillary a break. She worked hard as a Senator and harder ad SOS.