Ann Coulter Accuses Obama Of Taking Retard Pills



Now I'm not sure of the political correctness of this all, but when it's Ann Coulter, nothing much that she says has any resemblance to political correctness. I think "retard" is best left off the table, especially when used with her intent.

She had a radio chat today with conservative host Howie Carr and as you would expect, she targeted President Obama. But interestingly, she took a new tack... No longer is she arguing where Obama was actually born, she just wants you to close your eyes and for a moment "believe" that he was born in -- that's right -- you're just ahead of me, Kenya.

The ultra conservative wacko doesn't stop the Fantasyland express there. No, she goes the extra mile as only Ann Of A Thousand Daze can do. From Raw Story:

“But, let’s just think for a thought experiment for a moment: if Obama were born in another country, had no love for this country, and had set out to destroy America, what would he be doing differently?”

She'd be certifiably crazy if she stopped there. But she went on. She took a hit at the President's confession that he's taken his share of  hits, or tokes might be a bit more on point. After Carr told her that smoking grass could lower your IQ by up to 8 points, Ann opened her mouth and proved 8 is 10 more than she has.

“And a hundred points off your initiative and ambition,” Coulter replied. “It is as if they have legalized retard pills. You’ll have a kick, but you won’t be able to accomplish anything in your life, including delivering a newspaper.”

Got a minute to take a listen? You won't regret it.

  • Peter Castle

    Coulter seeks attention and will say anything - no matter how vulgar - to get it. See the book, Vanity: Ann Coulter's Quest for Glory, available for free at

  • At least she's fun to point and laugh at.

  • David G

    And it's not easy, either. The powers to concentrate hard enough to come across that vapid takes long hours of arduous training. Fortunately for us, We don't have to try... we've got Annie C.

  • Being a hack like Ann Coulter isn't very ambitious.

  • Linda1961

    Running for POTUS isn't ambitious? Getting elected and then reelected POTUS isn't accomplishing something in your life?

  • wifather2000

    Isn't Ann Coulter Michele Bachmann's twin brother?

  • David G

    Not a thing differently, perhaps only more efficiently. They seem to be gumming up the works too well.

  • Marc Long

    Here, I fixed it: "But, let's just think for a thought experiment for a moment: if Republicans had no love for this country, and had set out to destroy America, what would they be doing differently?"

  • BPMM

    I hope Sarah Palin calls her out for the retard comment.