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UPDATEJoke's on L.A.: Comedy Central behind Dumb Starbucks faux shop

Apparently there is such a thing as a parody coffee shop, and they're serving up plenty of snark about-- who else?-- Starbucks, right here in the Los Angeles area. The enterprise looks like a Starbucks, has a similar name (Dumb Starbucks), acts like a Starbucks, serves coffee like a Starbucks, but with a twist or two. One of the twists: check out the prices. Keep reading.

There's no affiliation with the original, by the way. This is an independent cup o' jo(k)e. (Bygones.)

Nobody exactly knows who's behind the mockitude, but it's getting a lot of attention. But some of that attention is negative. It took the real Starbucks a little while, but now they're staking a claim on their name and don't want Dumb Starbucks to use it any more, even in fun. Yes, there's trouble brewing (bygones). In fact, real Starbucks is starting to foam (bygones) at the mouth a little.

Spoil sports. Now Dumb Starbucks will have a latte more on their plate (bygones).

Via the Los Angeles Times:

A list of frequently asked questions pegs the legality of the mock store to "parody art" — an art gallery where the coffee is considered the art.

The store looks nearly identical to a typical Starbucks location -- though it lacks the free Wi-Fi -- with tumblers and CDs, including "Dumb Jazz Standards," on display.

Drinks are served in cups that mock the company's logo, while pastries are pulled from display cases straight from their Vons packaging. The menu features such offerings as Dumb Iced Coffee, Dumb Frappuccinos and Wuppy Duppy Latte.

Part of the twist is, they're not charging for the lattes and iced coffees they serve. Yes, you heard that right:

free stuff


What better way to poke fun at the most prolific and pricey coffee sellers ever than to hand out free products?

Customers are trying to figure out if this is a spoof by a comedian, a performance artist, a Banksy prank, or a marketing gimmick by some unknown entrepreneur. Whatever it is, it's entertaining, attention-getting, and getting under the legal skin of corporate Starbucks in Seattle while mystifying everyone else trying to figure out who's behind it.

Figuring that out may be a tall order (bygones).

Video here.

dumb starbucks statement by real starbucks

  • Psst! See Update.. We know his identity now : )

  • Guest

    Okay, so first of all, nobody said anything about thinking they're protected. Somebody made a spoof. And if they're giving out free drinks then obviously they can afford a lawsuit. Also, if you actually read the article then you would know that the owner of dumb starbucks is currently anonymous. That leaves a ton of options for who it is available. It could be somebody simply trying to lighten the spirits of everyday people. It could be Starbucks trying to win some publicity. It could be a random person trying to win Starbucks some publicity. It could be someone who really really likes coffee. You think that Starbucks is the best coffee? I hope you can back that up. Have you tried every cup of "coffee" in America? Find me a coffee flavored milk shake (the kind that starbucks sells) that's more expensive than Starbucks. Also, it's not an attempt. It's a parody. Further more, Environmentally aware? Maybe they aren't putting smokestacks on top of their stores, but it's not like they're using solar panels or anything. Did you ever think, that maybe, just maybe, starbucks is actually a smart company? Maybe, they only said whatever would make the most people happy. Maybe, just maybe, the owner of Starbucks has enough brain cells to decide that his/her own beliefs aren't going to stop him/her from making a large profit.

  • Jaym Esch

    They THINK they're protected, but they aren't. It's not legal. If they don't cease and desist, Starbucks will get a pretty penny.

    Also, Starbucks is hardly the most expensive coffee around. It's appropriately priced for being the best quality.

    I don't get the attempt at parody. Starbucks is an example of what progressives seek in larger corporations. Environmentally aware, providing health care through choice, equality, anti-gun, etc.

  • Pretty sure they're (DumbStarbucks) protected by that parody clause. In addition, no charge for the goods doesn't violate that silly commercial clause. The real Starbucks might have to suck it up.