Movie Theater Popcorn Killing Cop Video Released



By now you've heard of the case of Curtis Reeves, the accused ex-Florida cop who shot and killed a man, Chad Oulson, in a movie theater because the Oulson was texting his 2 year old daughter's baby sitter to check on her before the movie started.

I know many people are anxious to see the coming attractions, but getting into an altercation over someone silently sending a message is a bit of text rage if you ask me. But this retired cop had his reasons for shooting the unarmed texter. The dude who was doing the message sending attacked the ex chief of police -- with popcorn. Not even the box, just the contents. Perhaps it was the buttery flavored topping that caused the outrage. Hey, if the Twinkie Defense worked in the Harvey Milk murder case, why not give buttered popcorn it's chance?

But in any case, there's a dead man and a defendant now in custody. The accused shooter is looking for bail and during his hearing Friday, the DA's office provided the video of the assault.

So now you can make up your own mind by watching it. One thing's for sure, it didn't take long for the ex-cop to fast-draw his gun and shoot. Was he actually just waiting for an excuse to pop the texting man? Well, in any case, once again the familiar Florida defense is being used -- Stand your ground. And in this case, it didn't seem to sway Circuit Judge Lynn Tepper . Bail was denied.