This week’s Media Bias Sunday Talk scoreboard! GOP 5, Democrats 2


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Tomorrow is Media Bias Sunday! Or as I like to call it, Librul Media My Ass Sunday aka John McCain/Lindsey Graham Sunday.

Wait. Where’s McCain this week? He’s M.I.A.! What? Is he napping? Screaming at kids to get off his lawn? Plotting to bomb, bomb, bomb Iran? Hiding under a rock with Li'l Lindsey?

Let’s take a sneak preview of what’s coming up on the Big Sunday Talker Line-Up, per the Los Angeles Times... okay? Okay.

This is not a complete list; Paddy provides that to you tomorrow. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if the lists include panel members, so bear with me if sometimes those commentators are included… or not. I try not to because panels usually include mostly Republicans, and if there are “Democrats,” they’re about as “liberal” as, well, Harold Ford.

And as you may have noticed, Fox is not included, because, well come on, what’s the point?

ABC’s “This Week” — Rep. Paul D. Ryan (R).

NBC’s “Meet the Press” — White House chief of staff Denis McDonough (D); Sen. Tim Scott (R).

CBS’ "Face the Nation" —  Eric Cantor (R); Denis McDonough (D); Rudy Giuliani (R).

CNN’s “State of the Union” — Gov. Bobby Jindal (R).

It’s time to do the math:

Red Rs + Red Rs, carry the pi, divided by D, times Bias, minus even-handedness… calculating…

Total: 5 Rs, 2 Ds. Please feel free to check the addition and political affiliations.

There it is: Your librul media at work.