Sandy Integrity Monitor Follies!! Cue the Opera Pit ... ♬♩in Jersey, Boys


Written by guest contributor, "hardybear" of the wonderful Free Range Talk site.


The Rachel Maddow Scoop Alert was once again given to cue a Saturday morning MSNBC UP with Steve Kornacki EXCLUSIVE ... this guy is going to be a pale shell of his pale and brilliant investigative self  by Valentine's Day, but Kudos to him for using the traditional Bayonne Ride of a vintage muscle car to deliver parts of this unfolding decline of Trenton.

Cue the Opera Pit. They're singing ...  In a dosey-do so common in the dance of American politics, gubernatorial scandal rocks the news cycle and it is SOB-PEONiA TIME. And we have a new avenue to explore courtesy of UP with Steve Kornacki, developing as we relish the rush to make politics as interesting as football this weekend.

[Personally I like to picture Vincent D' Onofrio in the high stakes canary cages, he was absolutely brilliant at it as the oddly sexy interrogator, no matter the situation.  (Particularly perhaps in the action-packed HRC versus Obama Aught Eight Run-Up Brawl, when Saturday Night Live outdid themselves from stem to stern.]IntegrityMonitorThanksFinerMindsORIG

Image thanks to Finer Minds dot com.



New News is ... a new and noteworthy brick in the Humpty Dumpty wall. Recall my heed to remember the name Belleville a few days back when the story was tantalizingly fresh and Dawn Zimmer had just shared her sad folk ballad about being squeezed by the Lady Thug Lieutenant Governor, whose former history as a Joisey sheriff is not going to waste by any means.

Video footage courtesy UP with Steve Kornacki at MSNBC, keep up with their addictive Joisey analysis from 30 Rock throughout the day if you have popcorn leftover from Bill Maher last night.

Guess who set up a watchdog agency to monitor Super Storm Sandy funds?? With a companion law to set up a transparency website about each grant, every new contractor awarded a bid ...  the erstwhile "Integrity Monitoring Act" ...

Which failed to catch Todd Christie - First Brother in The Family - perhaps getting  a slice?

Let us go to BREAKING in New Jersey , take it away New Brunswick Today:

BREAKING: $4.8M in Sandy Relief Money Went to Fund Luxury Apartment Tower in New Brunswick? NOOOO?!

Be sure to read Charlie Kratovil's article in New Brunswick Today

A short excerpt from it:

Chris Christie's Administration Struggles to Explain Connection Between Superstorm and Boraie Development's Skyscraper Under Construction on Somerset Street

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—NBC New York broke the story last night that embattled NJ Governor Chris Christie appropriated $4.8 million in Hurricane Sandy relief funds to help build a luxury highrise building in New Brunswick.

The revelation makes the 16-story project, currently under construction between Somerset and Condict Streets, the second such use of Sandy funding called into question this week.

Poor Christie ... he wanted a very large white SNL genius cast member in a monogrammed fleece sitting at this table for the Sweet Sixteen Dance.


The breaking news crawl is a weekender ARIA FOR LIBERALS ... according to the NY Times, evidence exists as well tying Mr. Christie to the GWB scandals ...

It's high freaking time we had a week. Seriously.

And on a flying non sequitur, let me thank my online mentor for this wry observation, "I’d like to congratulate the Teaparty for making “Seriously?” the most used sentence in the United States."