Saturday Links



Today is Paddy's funeral.  Oh, how hard it is to write those words!

Laffy has written a tribute to Paddy which will be online at 8 Pacific, 11 Indiana time, Paddy's time zone.  Its title is: 'A special tribute and reluctant good-bye to our Paddy'

The picture above is from a collage of photos her brother prepared for the service which you can learn more about here.

I'm not quite sure what else to say.  Paddy researched and curated these daily links year after year and it feels very strange to me to be writing them in her place.

So what is the world doing today?

Not many Americans seem to be paying attention, but major violence continues in the Ukraine.

A mentally-ill British citizen has been convicted of blasphemy in Pakistan.

The Sochi Winter Games are so safe that US athletes are being warned not to wear their uniforms outside of the Olympics compound. 

Republican activists don't care that Chris Christie about Bridgegate or other political revenge, they only care if he could run for president and win.  They do not care that he (allegedly) shut down the 4th largest DMV in New Jersey to exact political revenge.

There's this, too: Christie tied to scandalous private prison company and its former vice president Bill Palatucci

Oh...Right-Winger Dinesh D'Souza has been charged with Campaign Finance Fraud.

AmazingTinyHousew325h352But here's something nice: One of the most amazing tiny houses in existence!