Wednesday Links



Winter Storm Slams Northeastern USA with Arctic Punch

Wexton Wins Virginia Senate Seate for Dems

Teacher's MLK Day Smackdown of Paul Ryan and the Tea Party Says It All

US and UN Express Horror at Syria Torture Report (BBC)

The 'Skin in the Game' Myth (from 'Cowgirl Blog' - Montana's #1 Political Website)

Bill Gates Predicts There Will Be Almost No Poor Countries by 2035

Super Bowl Ad Insanity Explained in Six Charts

A Crumbling Sochi Hides Behind Olympic Facade

  • "...if they had to pay for more of the cost, they wouldn’t use so damn much health care."

    That inane arguement is incredibly easy to destroy with a counter that almost no one ever uses. Look at Europe. The user pays nothing for health care, nothing, not one penny of the cost, and they use less of it than we do.