Today one of my best friends passed away: R.I.P. Paddy


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I don't even know what to say. I'm in shock. I'm shaking as I write this. I woke up to an email from Paddy's brother today saying that this morning, my dear friend and co-editor of The Political Carnival collapsed and died. Her birthday would have been January 29th.

As regular readers know, Paddy has been ill lately. She's had a number of "mystery" ailments that have affected her over the past year, and the doctors did what they could to treat them, but her biggest problem was even getting to a doctor. And from what she told me, those doctors left a lot to be desired.

She lived in frigid Indiana, had somehow survived the bitter winters with only 3 space heaters, and until this year had no hot water and had to boil water and pour it into the tub in order to take a bath. She tried to quit smoking, but succumbed again recently. If you ever had the pleasure to listen to her on podcasts, her raspy whiskey voice was a reminder of that.

Her blood pressure meds had caused a form of narcolepsy, she'd been passing out, had the shakes, you name it. She had no terminal illness, it was just a whole lot of stuff that I was never clear on, nor was she, completely.

The past few nights, especially since her water pipes burst, she would wake up screaming things that made no sense to her. She called me yesterday sounding awful, telling me it was the worst she'd ever felt, and it was obvious. She didn't want to eat, and hadn't. My advice to her was to force liquids and calories so that she could nourish her weakening body, despite how she felt, so that she could gain strength to fight off whatever this was. She half agreed. I told her, "No 'poor babies' until I know you're taking care of yourself." She laughed and I told her I knew how awful it's been and to please feel better soon.

That was our last conversation.

I don't know what I'll do without Paddy. She's been a fierce and loyal friend, an astute, talented, brilliant political commentator, a lover of animals, a hilarious snarkmeister, a hero to the working class, someone who cared more about others than herself, and the person who has run this website since its inception.

I'm literally lost without her. The future of this blog is in doubt at the moment, since I have no idea how to administrate behind the scenes. I'm just a writer, Paddy was the business-savvy one.

I cannot begin to tell you how much I will miss her. I cannot begin to tell you much of anything. I'm devastated. Life won't be the same without my cohort, my other half, my sister in crime.

The Political Carnival will be closed today, likely for a few days, and I will update you when I have more to say.

Thank you ahead of time for you condolences and kind thoughts. I know many of you are as ripped apart as I am reading this, and I am so, so sorry to have to share this terrible news.

My heart is broken.


  • Absolutely!!!

  • KarenJ

    That's a real shock (I only found out via The Immoral Minority's blogroll via skippy the bush kangaroo). I'm so sorry, Laffy. If you find a way to continue with the blog, leave her picture up In Memorium.

  • bCynthiab

    RIP Paddy
    You will be missed.

  • Jessica

    I am just stunned. 🙁

  • Chernynkaya

    I'm still reeling too. What a loss!

  • I'll be writing a post today as a follow-up. Thank you all.

  • Thank you BD.

  • Love back.

  • <3

  • lsamsa

    Oh my very sad. I can't imagine how you are feeling.
    You & Paddy are two of my favourite bloggers...every day.
    Paddy responded to one of my posts a couple of years ago...her comments always stayed with me.
    My condolences to you & to Paddy's family.

  • My sincere sympathy to you Laffy. I have enjoyed your team for a few years now and this is a terrible terrible notice. Please take care of yourself Laffy, your readers will understand your absences.

  • Black Dove

    Your friend Paddy and I share the same birthday. If I'm alive that day, I'll light twitter up in memory of her.
    I wish I could inherit one of her space heaters like some sort of solidarity plus my feet are cold tonight.
    Bless her sweet heart and yours also.
    Return If Possible, Dear Paddy.

  • patisok

    So very very sorry. Prayers for you in your time of grief!

  • Jack Kimble

    My condolences and much love Laffy.

  • I'm so, so sorry. Sucks beyond words. Know you and Paddy are both loved and it's forever.

  • Condolences and best wishes.

  • rikyrah

    Sending you prayers. So sorry for your loss.

  • Betsy and I just g chatted, so yes, they are. And I love you all back so much. xox

  • All the Scissorheads at Mock Paper Scissors are sending you their love. And as you know, me too.



  • MBouffant

    Awful. Another Hoosier great taken much too early.

  • So am I.

  • Love you TRS. <3

  • Kevin P

    In absolute shock. So very sorry.

  • therealsammie

    OMG!! I am so sorry, Laffy. Take care of yourself. You've been through so much over the past several years. Never forget that we are all here for you, love you to pieces, and will do anything you need. Love to Paddy's family as well.

  • Cue Miller

    So sorry. What a shock it must have been. Condolences to you, Laffy, and to Paddy's family and friends.

  • Much love, Debbie. xo

  • Thank you Ramona, and those symptoms sound very much like hers!

  • Kasha Knish

    Paddy will live on in the hearts of those who knew her ---whether it be
    in real life or through the blog. I know I will always have fond

    The comments here are a testimony to how much Paddy has touched so many.

    RIP, Paddy & hugs to Laffy and all who feel this loss.


  • Oh, Laffy, I'm so, so sorry. I don't even know you two but I'm sitting here sniffling and teary and wishing it weren't so. She will be missed.

    I know this is meaningless now, but her symptoms sound a lot like what my sister-in-law went through before she passed. Her diagnosis was "malignant hypertension", a kind of out-of-control blood pressure problem that affects the organs and can "hide" until it becomes deadly. It affected her kidneys, her vision and her appetite. She went for weeks where all she ate was lettuce. She had periods of anger and confusion, had terrible headaches, and in her last days was extremely sensitive to light. She was gone just over a week after they finally gave it a name and hospitalized her.

    Yes, take all the time you need, but know that your friends are waiting for you and will be here to welcome you back, to support you, and to grieve with you.

  • Oh, Laffy, I'm so, so sorry. I don't even know you two but I'm sitting here sniffling and teary and wishing it weren't so. She will be missed.

    I know this is meaningless now, but her symptoms sound a lot like what my sister-in-law went through before she passed. Her diagnosis was "malignant hypertension", a kind of out-of-control blood pressure problem that affects the organs and can "hide" until it becomes deadly. It affected her kidneys, her vision and her appetite. She went for weeks where all she ate was lettuce. She had periods of anger and confusion, had terrible headaches, and in her last days was extremely sensitive to light. She was gone just over a week after they finally gave it a name and hospitalized her.

    Yes, take all the time you need, but know that your friends are waiting for you and will be here to welcome you back, to support you, and to grieve with you.

  • !!!!! Yes. Yes.

  • Thank you HB, you're a sweetheart.

  • Love you and your wife always, Walt.

  • Thank you Skippy. Hugs.

  • xoxoxoxox

  • Those were the days. Love you, Ceut.

  • Understatement. xo

  • Good advice, and thank you. xo

  • xoxo Seth

  • <3 and thanks, and I know how you feel re: alternate universe.

  • Many many thanks.

  • I'll do what I can. At this point, I'm lost. Thank you so much.

  • Thank you so much.

  • I am so sorry to discover you under such circumstances. Please accept my sincere condolences, and be gentle with yourself in this terrible harsh time.

  • greendayman

    Laffy, my heartfelt condolences. You two have been lighting up my screen for years. Damn. Life is short and good friends are few and far between. Take care, take some time to heal, then come back and give 'em hell. I think that's what Paddy would want. All my best, Greendayman.

  • yes every voice of truths goodness gone is a loss to all

  • russell lafrombois

    I know Paddy is giving St. Peter hell right now to make sure heaven stays liberal. Prayers, thoughts energies are going out to Paddy's family and friends.

  • pollie_graff

    So sad for you loss. Condolences to all.

  • Emily Hale Moss

    Both of you ladies are awesome. I have enjoyed Twitter and The Political Carnival because of your participation and would have imagined you both to be pictures of success. Having lost special friends myself, I share your pain and hope you will find a way to keep up the important political smack down and how absurd some things are. Paddy was very special. Her work was funny and on target. If I had had any idea of her circumstances...well...too late now. I feel so bad I did nothing to help such a special person. With tears in my eyes!
    Emily Moss

  • bondwooley

    I sit down to look at the daily newsletter every morning and today, before my brain would accept this information, I honestly thought I had opened the wrong item, or fallen into an alternate universe, or needed to get new glasses. My heart aches for Laffy and Paddy's family and friends. And wherever you are, Paddy, thank you so much for being a part of my morning routine. Thanks for the information. The scoops. The laughs. You are missed.

  • pj1304

    my sincere condolences, Laffy. She will be missed for her wonderful wit and insight into the times in which we live. Please accept the supportive embraces from this group of the like minded and know you are in our thoughts as you face this loss.

  • sethp23

    Stay strong Laffy. There are a lot of people who love the both of you.

  • Jason Rowe

    I'm shocked, and not shocked. I'm very sad, and very angry. I guess I'm lucky my illness is not directly life-threatening, because I went through 5 doctors before I told my next-to-last one what I thought I had; Until then, it was a "Duh"-fest. Two of my doctors were so shockingly incompetent, I could have sued them--If I wasn't practically a drooling idiot at the time, that is.

    My illness was driven/caused by stress, and the heart arrhythmia, high blood pressure, and ten million gallons of coffee I was drinking to fight the fatigue, could probably have done me in--It sure as hell felt like it was. I also suffered from horrific night terrors, which Paddy seems to have had. These rob you of what should be moments of peace in an otherwise difficult existence.

    If anyone reading this is having problems that doctors can't seem to deal with, don't be passive, and don't give up. Doctors are human, they make honest mistakes, and they have trouble with things they don't see very often (if at all). But, some of them are just incompetent.

    My incredibly worthless first doctor, I affectionately call "Dr Bastard"; By "affectionately" I mean, I look back fondly and fantasize about strangling the fucker--Not to death, 'cause that'd be too good for him. Another doctor (who doesn't warranty such a cute nickname) became angry when I wanted to know what side-effects were indicated for a medication she was prescribing. When she said "There will be a list that comes with the prescription bottle," I kindly asked for a second opinion. That infuriated her.

    All of this was between 12-14 years ago, and (thank God) I'm still here. The fifth doctor I saw was "the charm," insofar as his ego didn't stand in the way of treating the illness that I figured-out I had. If you're ill, be polite to your doctor, inform yourself as well as you can, and don't take "I dunno" for an answer; Your life may hang in the balance...

  • bpollen

    My condolences to you and her family. We are all poorer for her passing.

  • Karen Vasquez

    I am so sorry. You are in my thoughts.

  • Karen Vasquez

    I am so sorry. You are in my thoughts.

  • So very sorry to hear this news that must be so devastating for you.

  • mitchellfreedman

    Oh my God. I am so very sorry to read this post this evening. I am deeply heartbroken. Political Carnival and Paddy have been a favorite destination.

    The professor, Dave Kincaid...and then this....I feel like I've aged a decade.

  • hychka

    Paddy will be missed. And, I'm just shocked that she is gone. I counted on the two of you everyday for for something worth reading and got it.

  • ceut

    It's been hours since I told you I had no words. And I still don't have them - but I have memories. I started reading TPC right after Cliff left. It was a small close group here and you & Paddy welcomed me right in. It was Paddy's snarky comments on another blog that made me check TPC out. Unlike a lot of blogs, you and Paddy interacted with us and tho I didn't really know you, I felt like I belonged - at a time when I needed to belong somewhere. For that, I will always be grateful. She may never have known how she enriched my life, but I will. and she'll be deeply missed. May she rest in peace. Love and comfort to you and yours and Paddy's family

  • Gern Blandston

    Oh my dear, I am so sorry.

  • Gene Gaudette

    Just horrible news. Nobody should have to live - or die - that way. Let her family know that too many of us to count are going to miss her a lot.

  • KABoink_after_wingnut_hacker

    I'm heartbroken as well.
    You are not alone in feeling the loss.

  • MrDak

    Holy Cow. I am so sorry to hear this! Almost ALL of the cute videos I watch are what Paddy posts here! I would never find these on my own. I and my family always enjoy them. On top of that, her short and sweet snarky comments to go along with so many of her postings were always spot on. She will be truly, sorely missed!
    (Hugs for you GottaLaff. I'm still at a point in my life where I have had so few losses, I an only imagine your pain!)

  • skippy

    i am so sorry to hear about this laffy. my condolences

  • Walt

    My wife and I are very saddened to hear this news of Paddy passing away, Laffy. If I can play a quick tribute to the Poltical Carnival for which you and Paddy have nurtured so well. The Political Carnival was the first blog that I became apart of. It isn't just the insight and wonderful poltical presentations you two have put forth for so long but also, the funny and entertaining and, at times, uplifting pieces that you two have made a staple of the Political Carnival. My wife and I became somewhat personaly attached to the the Poltical Carnival unlike any other blog that I have read or commented on.

    More so, your blog helped me nurture my own skills in terms of writing my thoughts at a time when I needed to express my feelings of our state of of political affairs while trying to reach out to others. As well, you two, also allowed me to vent some righteous anger. Because of this, I was able to venture on to other more hostile sites and challenge the misguided and "special kind of stupid" long cultivated by the Fascist right wing propaganda machine. I thought I was rather successful but I finally burned out after Pres. Obama was re-elected simply because I allowed it to take too much of my time and I was neglecting other responsibilities and I just tired from arguing with the fools.

    Anyway, thank you Political Carnival for coming into my existence. Thank you Laffy and Paddy.

    RIP Paddy.

  • Jennyjinx

    Laffy and Chris,

    I am so, so sorry for your loss. This is devastating news. If you need anything please let me know. 🙁 My heart is broken for you.

    RIP, Paddy.

  • HoneyBearKelly

    I'm so sorry darling Laffy.

  • candy151

    This is so sad to hear. Laffy, I'm so sorry for you loss. My condolences to you and Paddy's family.

  • Jack Boardman

    Oh my. I am so very sorry for your loss.

  • Mainy, you know you mean the world to me and you did to Paddy. I'm so grateful that you are here.

  • sevenish

    I didn't know her, apart from some various communication regarding politics and/or her posts on TPC. I was worried yesterday when she posted that she was having some issues, but didn't follow it up immediately with her signature, lovably-crabby grousing. I'm saddened ADDITIONALLY by the suspicion that she might not have had affordable health care, and one issue led to another, compounded by other various financial stress. If this is the case, like it has been for me, maybe something that I can do in her honor is to help others like her and myself, to the degree that I can, help get others like ourselves get covered ObamaCare. Before it's too late. Call it #PaddyPAC.

  • mainsailset

    It's a moment like this when I realize how much I take for granted. Paddy & you too Laffy reached out to everyone for years here without hesitation. This site and everything that Paddy put into it was always the best place to start the day, to find a smile and friends and share all that we wanted to share. This is a cruel day. I wish you strength Laffy, and I wish Paddy's family the warm embrace of our love of Paddy. I know Paddy would be able to find the right words were she here, but she's not, and I can't. Love, Mainy.

  • meepmeep09

    I'm so sorry, Laffy.
    RIP Paddy. And condolences to the many you left behind who loved and admired you, and will remember you with fondness, respect, and (eventually) tearful laughter while sharing good memories.

  • René de Turenne

    oh Laffy!! I'm so stunned and so sorry.I know how it hurts when we lose one of our life's true lights. Hugs to you & all who loved Paddy.

  • Churchlady320

    We are all so sorry this has happened. Our hearts are with you.

  • kimbutgar

    Laffy, Walt and I are shocked to hear of Paddy's passing. Your blog has always been a daily read for us. I am so sorry to hear she died. I still can't believe her wonderful voice is silenced. I never met either one of you but I knew she was a good person as you are . I am so sorry for your loss. My prayers to you and Paddy's family. We are so sad now. I just can't believe it!

  • Taradacktyl

    So sorry for your loss and the loss of another progressive voice that will be sorely missed.

  • pigboy

    Paddy had to have been a huge part of your life and I know she had to have been a big support too. You were fortunate to have such a good friend.
    Again I am so sorry. I did read her stuff and she did a great job and even though I didn't post all that often I really did appreciate her hard work. I will miss her.
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  • Waltb31

    Deepest sorry for your loss.

  • I never met Paddy in person, but through tons of phone calls, IM's and emails, but like Cliff Schecter, she got me into blogging, a hobby that turned in a job (of sorts) for a few years, and still will remain my favorite job. Paddy was likely the most selfless person I have ever known, obviously to a fault. She would never take credit for the successes she inspired, or reap any rewards. We'll never know why, and it's likely for the best that we don't, but remember her for the eclectic behind-the-scenes, passionate powerhouse that she was. Chris Kraska, Laffy, you have my deepest sympathy. I'm glad to see so many come together here to remember (although I think she would hate this attention) -all of the wonderful regulars here and Cliff, Chris Bowers, Nicole S., Bob Cesca, Karoli. And she thought she had no impact. A toast to Paddy. Rest, dearie. God knows you need it.

  • Frances R

    Dear Laffy, I am so sad & my deepest condolences to you & Paddy's family & friends. I feel fortunate to have had a chance to get to know her thru Tim Corrimal & his show. She was a great progressive voice, sadly silenced. Miss you, rest in peace dear Paddy.

  • Thank you my buddy. I'm so sorry for your losses.

  • <3 Chris. Always.

  • Deborah

    I'm so sorry.

  • liberalandold

    So very sorry to hear about this. You'll be in my thoughts, Laffy.

  • chris kraska

    My sister was strong in the face of adversity. She spoke out for those who had no voice. She wasn't afraid of anything. She was brilliant. She was loving. She was kind and thoughtful. She was smarter than me but wouldn't acknowledge it. She was a good sister.

    When I was 12 and she came home from college I wanted to watch Magnum PI. She said I could if I made her soup. I watched it and refused to make the soup. I was a teenage assh@!*. After she left home and went to college we grew closer.

    Paddy was a rebel, always and forever. She didn't kow-tow, bow or tow the line. When she had health problems I tried to help. When she needed eye surgery I made sure she got it. I just wish she asked for help when she needed it most.

    I'll miss her terribly. Rest in peace my darling sister.


  • King David

    R.I.P. Paddy.

  • ccws

    Oh no…bye Paddy, we'll miss you… (((((HUGGZ))))) Laffy! ♥

  • LeClara

    My condolences. She will be sorely missed.

  • pigboy

    I am so sorry. I will miss her and all the hard work she has done to make this blog a success. I just lost my brother and my cousin who was like a sister to me in a two week period. They both are still on my speed dial. I have dialed their numbers just to hear their voices. There is a void that will never be filled. I could rely on them and they were always a voice of reason. Hang in there Laffy you have had more than your share of grief over the year.

  • judi

    OMG......I am so VERY sad.

  • Linda1961

    RIP Paddy, from regular reader.

    {{HUGS}} Gottalaff.

  • BlueberryT

    Oh, I'm so sorry to hear this! Hugs to you and to all her friends and family.

  • KatieAnnieOakley

    Oh, Laffy. I am so very sorry. She was so feisty, and smart. The world just got a little darker today. Please accept my deepest condolences. {{{{{{{{ hugs }}}}}}}}

  • BrooklynDame

    I can only imagine the pain and heartache you're feeling right now; my heartfelt condolences to you, her family and all those affected by her passing. May Paddy rest in peace.

  • Many thanks, Karoli. Truly appreciated.

  • No matter what acrimony may have gone down between us in the past, please know that I'm so very sorry to hear this, and can't imagine how you feel today. I hope we can get past the past enough for you to know my thoughts, prayers, and sympathy is with you and her family.

  • You know, one of the things that used to make Paddy a little blue was when she wouldn't get comments on something she felt strongly about, or on a birthday post, or whatever. You have all rectified that in this thread. I cannot thank you enough for giving that to Paddy now.

  • Joseph J. Santorsa

    I am in shock. I always enjoyed Paddy on the show and will miss her as will all her fans. I am so sorry, Laffy.

  • Many thanks for that.

  • If you need behind-the-scenes help, you know I'm still here to help in any way I can!

  • What a loss indeed. I remember sending her a laptop years ago when she was in need, and she was always very kind to me. She will be missed greatly. Condolences to you as well.

  • make it go away

    indeed this is a great loss, but I think Paddy would want us to celebrate her life and carry on in the spirit of Paddy and all the things that made her who she was and will always be. To Paddy!!

  • paullwolborsky

    She deserved better. Much better. Rest in Peace, Paddy, you will be remembered by many with Love and Respect.

  • Squatlo

    So very sorry to read this! You have our deepest condolences, and we're thinking of you and Paddy's family as you deal with this tragedy.

  • cheeriogirl

    I am so, so sorry Laffy, and offer you my deepest condolences.
    Rest in peace, Paddy.

  • hardknoxfirst

    OMG! I'm so sorry Laffy!! I didn't know her personally, but I really enjoyed her posts.

    Take time for yourself Laffy. RIP Paddy

  • vocqueen

    This is such sad news. My heartfelt condolences to you, to her family, and to all her friends and followers. Hugs.

  • Oh Laffy, I'm so, so sorry. I've lost 4 people In he last 6 months, as close to me as Paddy has been to you, including my mom. I can take no more more gut punches. I do know how you are feeling, so I am sending you all the hugs I have. RIP Paddy. :'(

  • That's up n the air at this point. Thank you xo

  • xo

  • I know you did, and I feel I know you through her. Thank you Chris.

  • kckitty

    SO sorry, and hope you can continue with this website.

  • Dave Fouchey

    Nicole I am still in shock trying to process this, I am so glad you have direct contact with Laffy to keep letting her know how much love and support she has from those of us who have gotten to know her over the years. Oh Paddy...:(

  • Kathy Hedegard

    Oh No, I am so very, very sad to hear about Paddy. How devastating for you, Laffy; how devastating for we friends and fans of Political Carnival.

  • Elliott

    Condolences Laffy, sad bad news

  • Laffy, my heart aches for you.

  • Chris Bowers

    This is really, really terrible. I didn't know Paddy well, but I worked with her enough to know how wonderful she was. This is really tough news to take. I'm so, so sorry, GottaLaff.

  • watertiger

    Serious hugs to you, too, Laffy. This is a terrible loss for everyone.

  • stillregina

    I'm so sorry, Laffy. Words fail... 🙁

  • I know you and Paddy were pals. Yes, it cannot be right, but sadly it's true. I am utterly a mess. Thank you for your words, WT. Hugs.

  • Deepest condolences to you. Don't worry about the blog or its future right now—just take care of yourself. And, know that you have an army of Internet friends ready to hold you up if you need support.

  • Griffin Darklighter

    I'm sorry that we lost her. RIP Paddy! Hang in there, Laffy!

  • watertiger

    No, no, no, no, no. This cannot be right. 🙁

  • Such a terrible loss. Her savviness and snark will be sorely missed. My deepest condolences to you, Laffy. Holding you in my thoughts and prayers. {{HUGS}}

  • Older_Wiser2

    So, so sorry to hear this. RIP, Paddy, we will miss you so much.

  • RepublicanSwine

    Very sorry to hear it. So enjoyed her posts & vids.

  • Clancy

    Paddy was always so sweet to me. After my daughter was born, I was completely surprised when a present for my little girl showed up in the mail a few weeks later. We didn't "talk" (always in email) as much as we used to, but I still tried to keep up with her and stay in touch when I could. I knew she wasn't well, but this is still so shocking.

    Laffy, I'm sorry for your loss. Please let me know if there's anything I can do.

  • This is terrible news and I am very sorry to hear it.

  • fabucat

    I'm heartbroken. I've heard her on a few occasions. Very astute. It's tragic.

  • sleuth1

    So very sad to hear this news. {{gentle hugs}}

  • John Sheirer

    So sorry to hear this! She was a great person and a powerful progressive voice. I'll miss her posts and her terrific contribution to the Tim Corrimal show panels.

  • Thank you all. Truly.

  • Pirate Wench

    God, I am so sad to hear this Laffy, we've had some hysterical snarkfests over the years, and her voice will be sadly missed by everyone who had the pleasure to read/tweet/interact with her in any way. Condolences to her family and to you, I know you two were so close...

  • galileo126

    Oh nos!!

    Your loss is our loss, Laffy and Dave,

    I loved Paddy's posts - she was our resident nerd on TPC, posting all things cool in science and tech.

    Tonight, I'm supposed to have dinner with Bill Nye (The Science Guy) in Pasadena. I will most certainly raise a glass to Paddy, my beloved geek!!

    RIP Paddy, you will be missed.

  • Dan Domike

    I am so, so sorry to hear this. Tammy and I are bawling. She was my pal, too. She was always sending me items to include in The Book Booth. She was a pal and an encouragement to everyone who knew her. Laffy, please us know if there is anything we can do.

  • vcthree

    Laffy, I am so saddened and very sorry to hear of this news. I know how much she meant to you--not just as a partner, but as a true friend. Whatever guidance you can take from all of us who are giving condolences today, please take them to heart. That speaks to the community you built together. For had you not built this space, I may not have heard of you, and shared joy and laughter with you.

    Thanks. To you, and to Paddy, who was clearly loved, and will be dearly missed.

  • Robert Spiess

    My condolences and regrets at your loss...

  • Laffy, we've been friends for years and I love you so dearly, and I wish there were words but there aren't any. I am so so sorry.

    RIP Paddy, I'm proud to have known you here and on Twitter. You were always good-natured and valiant.

  • flobflo

    oh no....:(

  • There are no words. I am so sorry for your loss.

  • David G

    There is nothing I can add to the heartfelt loss of Paddy that Laffy hasn't already said. These two ladies took me in as a full time contributor to The Political Carnival, and from that point forward, they were my family. Seven days a week we talked, joked, commented, railed, ranted, and most of all, respected one another. There can be no replacing Paddy in our lives -- and I won't try. But please readers, know that despite all the hardships Paddy endured in everyday life, you were first in her mind. No matter the difficulties she faced, making sure we all had her daily posts was her mission. So long, good friend, partner and great lady. DG

  • Kate Warren

    I am so terribly sorry.

  • Cliff Schecter

    I am so sorry Peggy, and so sad myself. Paddy was the one who first pushed me into blogging at my own spot after seeing me on a tv show. She reached out, in her kind way, and was so gracious. She offered to help, and off we were until eventually I had to move on to some other things. But we always kept in touch, if on and off, and she had as much fierce integrity as anyone I've come across in politics. I can't believe she's gone. I miss her already...

  • nicolesandler

    Such sad news. And so wrong that Paddy's economic situation is responsible for this. It's an abomination. Laffy, I'm so sorry for your loss, and ours.