VIDEO: Elizabeth Warren kicks ass... again.


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Did you see Elizabeth Warren on "Now with Alex Wagner"? If not, here you go. She kicked major ass, as she always does. And whaddya know, I also got this email (bolding is mine):


Millions of families are hanging on by their fingernails to their place in the middle class – and the United States Senate just voted to let them fall.  

I'm ashamed that the Senate didn't extend unemployment benefits yesterday. I'm sickened that my colleagues went home last night knowing that they just cut off a little help for millions of people who have worked hard and who can't find a job.

And I'm appalled that so many Senators cannot admit the simple reality: we are still in the middle of a jobs crisis. People have been looking for work for months or even years. Many are starting to give up entirely. Young people are beginning to think that there isn't a future out there for them. Long-term unemployment isn't just about money; it's also about losing hope.

These people – our friends, our families, our neighbors – they weren't the ones who broke our economy. So many people worked hard, played by the rules, and did everything we told them to – and now struggle to find work. They need our help.

We help because we care about people, but we also help because it is good for the economy. The numbers show money put into unemployment goes right back into the economy to help stimulate more demand and more business activity. According to a new Congressional report, in just one week after unemployment benefits expired, our state economies lost $400 million. Extending unemployment makes good business sense.

There's so much we should be doing to strengthen our economy and rebuild our middle class, and yesterday we took a step backwards. Washington needs to get back to work solving problems – not making them worse – so families can get back to work.

I really don't get why the Republicans would stand in the way on this issue. I don't get it, but I'm taking stock – and like many of my colleagues who voted to help people yesterday, I'm not giving up. 

Thank you for being a part of this,


  • Roberta Chamberlin

    I wish she had gone into detail about the Democratic/Republican proposed measures to pay for the unemployment insurance extension. This would have been revelatory and helped the American public understand where the battle lines are drawn.

  • Paul Woodson

    Thank you, Ms. Warren! PLEASE get America mad about this issue! Especially in the red states! The Republicans are hurting their own constituents! And in addition, all the jobless in the blue states will end up paying the price for their obstructionism too.

  • wifather2000

    How can any wage earner not love Senator Warren?

  • paullwolborsky

    Maybe some of her colleagues could start doing the same. Obama have done so from the get-go. You want to talk about messaging? That's messaging. ;>

  • Good point SushiFace!

  • paullwolborsky

    Ya ever notice when Elizabeth Warren gives the #GOP a Whoopin' Fox and Rush say nothing? Cause they don't want to tangle with her. They can spin, distort, make shit up, but ideology simply cannot compete with plain-speaking a Grandmother saying that people whose lives hang in the balance are getting hurt.