Upchuckin’ Away Chuck: The Most Shocking Religion News of the Last Week


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Please welcome back guest blogger, author of Being ChristianK.C. Boyd. You might remember her from her earlier posts. You can link over to her site here for the rest of this post. It’s well worth a look, because I left out a ton of great upchuckable stuff, including antidotes! These are but a few of her weekly church vs. state, "where religion meets your rights" collection:

The Weekly Upchuck

– by K. C. Boyd


  • Always Prioritizing-Chuck: RNC reschedules D.C. winter meeting so members can attend anti-abortion rally bit.ly/1iaRk1O

Christian Zionism/Hagee/Israel

  • Picture It-Chuckie: If Obama adopted the same liberal abortion policy as Israel, John Hagee would burst bit.ly/1aKVpVj


  • Tragic Upchuck-Chuck: Creation ‘Museum’ 2014 motto: “Standing our ground, rescuing our kids” Translation:We’re ignorant & plan to bring future generations down to our level. As for selling out, it’s nearly certain all tickets went to “believers,” packing the audience http://bit.ly/1aCrFtL


  • Dumbed America Down, Conservative Style-Chuck: Among the many visionary goals of our nation’s right wing—impoverish older people, starve the poor, deny climate change, outlaw abortion and contraception, eliminate healthcare for millions—few are more foundational than defunding education. bit.ly/1f9oUHO


  • His Stupids Are Showing-Chuck: ‘Amateur paleontologist’ Newt Gingrich says a hotter planet may be just fine bit.ly/19aus2e

Fifty Shades of Cray-Cray

  • None Too Bright-Chuck: Gretchen Carlson mistakes atheists for Satanists. bit.ly/1kpotvb
  • He Has A Dream-Chuck: Rick Santorum has a modest goal of turning his movie studio into “the Pixar of faith movies:” bit.ly/1iWDH9u
  • He Speweth Again: Pat Robertson Apparently Healed A Man’s Toothache Through The TV (VIDEO) huff.to/1ad0F3V

Fifty Shades of Hate

  • Haters On A Tear- Chuck: Sandy Rios: President Obama Is Just Like Hitler & Mao bit.ly/1lPQvvn
  • Brotherly Hate-Hurl: Texas Boy Scout leader says: Use ‘Christian love’-treat gay scouts like criminals @PeterLaBarbera bit.ly/1cZ8bUn

Fifty Shades of Lies/ Hypocrisy

  • As We Live and Lie-Chuck: Leading Republicans’ states among worst hit by jobless benefits cuts  bit.ly/1bIFtT5


  • Huck-Chuck: Huckster links brain dead California girl to Nazi death camps, forced abortions bit.ly/1cC0PBI


  • At Long Last-Chuck: Addiction treatment program offered to soldiers at Fort Hood – WITHOUT Christ!  bit.ly/19gdUWp

Same Sex Issues

  • Crispy Critters-Hurl: Kevin Swanson says gay people should be prosecuted or they will soon burn Christians at the stake bit.ly/JEePo2
  • Nothing Better to do-Chuck: Conservatives stage ‘uprising’ demanding sheriffs ‘take back’ Utah from ‘homosexuals’ bit.ly/1dam1VA

Supremes And Lower Courts

  • Um, What-Chuck? Nuns’ lawyer tells Fox News that God doesn’t allow signing Obamacare waivers bit.ly/1bIFtT5

War On Women

  • Binders Full Of Women-Chuck: Mittens: Women should only be granted birth control rights at the state level bit.ly/1lo79Vn