VIDEO: Chris Christie's State of the Ego address


chris christie state of the state address

Politico sent out an email alert during New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's State of the Ego State address (see video for the clip). He was clearly vying for Best Attempt at Cover-Up while Appearing Sincere award.

Included were the following quotes:

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie pledged that his administration would cooperate with "all appropriate inquiries" into the Bridgegate scandal "to ensure that this breach of trust does not happen again" during his annual State of the State speech on Tuesday....

"The last week has certainly tested this administration," Christie said. "Mistakes were clearly made and as a result, we let down the people we're entrusted to serve.

"But I also want to assure the people of New Jersey today that what has occurred does not define us or our state."

So much B.S., so little time, and all in just a couple of sentences. This little sequel to his-- as Jonathan Capehart put it-- Me Me Me-a culpa did nothing to convince anyone of his heartbrokenitude. Nice way to start your second term, Gov. Photo Op.

Christie was well aware of all the free media coverage he was getting, and this was nothing more than another self-serving event during which he could exude fake contrition while touting his record of fake bipartisanship. Then again, he did reach out to Democrats, if you call payback reaching out. A real bipartisan effort, that. I'm sure Democrats and Republicans alike felt overwhelming frustration and anger during the bridge lane closures.

So now he swearstogod he will cooperate with "all appropriate inquiries"... which leaves us to wonder how many inquiries he will determine to be inappropriate. Probably most of them. Probably all of them. Next...

"Mistakes were clearly made." Note the passive voice. No, Gov, you made them. Your top advisers made them. They didn't just magically happen, you all made them happen.

And they weren't "mistakes." They were intentional acts of retribution, abuse of power, and undertaken with gleeful vengeance. Next...

"What has occurred does not define us or our state." Christie was half right about that. It doesn't define his state. It does define him and his vicious little attack thugs.