Christie, ironically: "What he's saying is, 'For God's sake, it's anybody's fault but mine!'"


blame they did it, don't blame me

The following is a quote that could be about... guess who? Who does this describe to a tee? Who does this searing take-down apply to more than anyone who currently comes to mind? Think. Think hard.

Who does this remind you of?

"And the worst part of that is, when he says that, it shows even more about his arrogance. See, because what he's saying is, "It's not my fault. See, it's not my responsibility, it's not my fault. It's [fill in the blank's] fault. For God's sake, it's anybody's fault but mine!" That's what he's saying to us, and he says, "Please... I'll figure it out." Well you know what... I'm tired of waiting for you to figure it out!...

"There are clues everywhere, if he'd just open his eyes."

Sounds a whole lot like a description of a press conference by Chris Christie, aka Governor "Heartbroken," Governor "Blame everyone but the guy in charge, me." Governor Poor Me Me Me." Emphasis on "Me Me Me."

Yes indeed, it does read like a synopsis of how many of us feel about Christie, but he's actually the one being quoted. Those are his words about somebody else, a guy he was trying to help unseat, a man known as President Barack Obama. How ironic is that:

Chris Christie, October 2012. (h/t: @BreastsR4babies). Pot. Kettle. Arrogant.

Here's another flashback, this time from August 2013: Christie nixes fund diversion for Hudson shoreline repairs; blocks construction on piers. (H/t: @HryPop) But don't blame him. He was just the veto-er.

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