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I've tried for years to convince readers of what a phony thug Chris Christie is. Here's one example, but click on the tag "Chris Christie" at the bottom of the post to link to more on why he should never hold office again.

That said, here is a collection of interesting tidbits to prove my point. Welcome to the next installment of the Chris Christie "I'm Heartbroken and Shocked, Shocked!" bridge scandal. Enjoy!

As you may recall, Rachel Maddow had a theory of her own about the motive and who may have been targeted by the very stupid, very reckless, very dangerous, very intentional traffic gridlock payback scheme concocted by the Christie Gang. But a lot of the speculation still centers around Fort Lee Mayor Mark Sokolich.

Via the Daily Banter, we now see that the police department may have been complicit in pinning blame on him (h/t AnnetteK at DKos):

Since the beginning of the Chris Christie bridge scandal, and especially since the release of Christie staffer emails on Wednesday, there’s been a major unanswered question: How would closing the toll lanes at the George Washington Bridge possibly harm Fort Lee Mayor Mark Sokolich, the alleged target of the plot?

Via Business Insider, it turns out that Sokolich was told back on September 12 that officers from the Port Authority Police Department (PAPD) were telling commuters that Sokolich himself was responsible for the lane closures. The revelation was contained within an email Sokolich sent to the former Port Authority Deputy Executive Director Bill Baroni. Baroni resigned last month.

If this was indeed the case, the conspiracy included giving marching orders to PAPD officers who were instrumental in dropping the blame for the traffic jam in Sokolich’s lap. So not only did Wildstein and the other conspirators endanger public safety with a week-long, nightmarish traffic jam, but they chose to involve police officers as mouthpieces to spread their ill-conceived criminal enterprise.

Other noteworthy nuggets were brought to my attention by various online buddies who are good at digging around and asking great questions.

For example, this from DKos's clammyc:  Chris Christie and his very own, hand-picked Port Authority Chief David Samson met about a week before his deputy chief of staff Bridget Anne Kelly upchucked her now infamous "time for some traffic problems" vengeance. Then more recently, Christie met with Samson for a couple of hours after which Governor Heartbroken sworetogod that Samson had no involvement in Bridgeapalooza.

If they met just days before the lane closures were ordered and neither of them had any involvement in the lane closures, and there is no traffic study, what went on at that meeting?

So Christie talked with Samson, but he wouldn't think of grilling Bridgett Kelly because, you know, "ongoing investigation." Anyone else see a contradiction there?

And today we have learned that the New Jersey assembly will indeed consider renewing its subpoena power, which is set to expire next week. Incoming Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto says he will hold a special session for a vote. Via

The Assembly will meet in special session Thursday to decide whether to re-authorize its subpoena power so its investigation of the George Washington Bridge lane closing scandal can continue, Speaker-elect Vincent Prieto said this morning. Prieto (D-Hudson), who will be sworn in as Speaker on Tuesday, said the special session has been called to consider legislation reauthorizing subpoena power [...]

The Assembly must reauthorize the subpoena power for the investigation to continue.

Did I mention that the Big Traffic Jam Prank of 2013 may have cost millions? Or that Chris Christie now faces a class-action lawsuit?

Or that the Port Authority's executive director aimed his ire in an email sent directly to-- ta daa!-- Christie's next chief of staff? Via MSNBC:

The complaint came from Patrick Foye, the executive director of the Port Authority, who sent a scathing email to Bill Baroni, the Port Authority’s deputy executive director, on Sept. 13. Foye called the lane closures a “hasty and ill-advised decision” that was likely illegal. A trove of documents released Friday by the New Jersey Legislature showed that Baroni forwarded Foye’s complaint to Regina Egea, a senior Christie aide and the governor’s pick to be his new chief of staff, just three hours after it was originally sent.

This puts Foye’s complaint right into the governor’s office,” Tom Hester, spokesman for New Jersey Assembly Democrats, told NBC News’ Michael Isikoff Saturday. Hester said the revelation makes Egea a likely candidate for subpoena by the legislative committee investigating the plot.

Well, lookee there, see how high up this went? The governor's office knew exactly what was going on, because they were notified. The notion that Christie himself was in the dark while a frenzy of communiques and blatant attempts at cover-ups by the innerest of his inner circle were swirling around and around him is laughable. Two words: Willful ignorance.

Nah, he wasn't ignorant. He knew. He's responsible.

Let's also keep something in mind that keeps getting lost in all talking head madness: Nasty politics, thuggery, and petty, toxic retribution conspiracies are one thing. Ignoring public safety is something else entirely.

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