Note to Readers


bad day how's your day going

Dear Wonderful Readers,

Presenting our big bummer Note O' the Day:

Poor Paddy is huddled with her space heaters, trying to survive in minus-kajillion degree Indiana weather (See? She's cold! And it's winter! So she should be cold! So clearly, there's no such thing as global warming, duh!).

David is very flu-ish, feels like crap, so he can't do anything but lie in bed and feel completely miserable. Ugh.

That leaves yours truly whose day is crazy, but will try to make every effort to hold down the fort.

Hence, apologies for the spotty entries, wishing both my TPC pals a speedy thaw/recovery, and asking for your kind patience.

Thanks for understanding. Hopefully we'll be back in full swing tomorrow.

As for all of you, please stay warm and well,