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While I was away on my teensy weensy little San Francisco holiday vacay, a few stories broke that I'm only just now catching up on.

One that apparently got a lot of buzz ended with MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry tearfully apologizing for a "Year in Review" segment on her weekend show. It featured panelists offering "off the cuff" verbal captions to newsworthy photos, including quips about a Romney family portrait showing Mitt holding his adopted black grandson, Kieran Romney.

Here is video of Nerdland playing "Caption That":

And here is Melissa Harris-Perry's heartfelt apology:

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Here is what a top Romney adviser had to say:

tweet romney adviser on Kieran Melissa Harris-Perry apologyLink

While I was reading up on this story, I noticed a comment on one site that referred to the meaning of the name "Kieran." The commenter wondered, during all the uproar, why nobody had bothered to look it up:

Kieran Romney name meaningLink

Were the Romneys aware of the meaning of the name Kieran? Should the MHP Show have been? Is it relevant? Your thoughts?

UPDATE: I'm told by one of my Twitter followers that the MHP show discussed (and marveled at) the name and its meaning months ago.

  • mizu

    These comments are completely uninformed and spread the kind of ignorance that is deeply destructive. Kieran refers to St. Kieran, one of the 12 apostles of Ireland, known for his great generosity. The Irish word for black is "dubh" - as in Dublin for Black pool.

  • loretta

    Maybe they couldn't afford to buy him anything new and just put him in hand-me-downs?

  • loretta

    You do know that the Palin baby with Downs syndrome is named after the extra chromosome that causes his condition too, right?

  • Keir Shambley

    My name is Keir so I noticed it right away. I definitely think it borders on racism for a white family to name their adopted son dark complected one. To add insult to injury it is an Irish name. Unless it is a family name, it is inappropriate, even insulting. Seriously, you named your adopted black child "black?" WTH are you thinking?

  • View_From_Here

    In regards to the photo itself, all of the grandsons are dressed in blue and all of the grand daughters are dressed in pink. The black grandson is dressed in pink.

  • Chernynkaya

    I think it is irrelevant to the comments made by Harris-Perry because neither she nor her guests touched on the child's name. I'm not sure they even knew. But it IS relevant. It is really terrible and my heart goes out to that little boy being raised by such awful people. In fact, I wish MHP panel had discussed this.