Sex Sells, Especially in Canada


legal prostition

Whackadoo Rob Ford, the mayor of Toronto, must be dancing in his skivvies right about now. He's going to be able to frequent more often his favorite dining places -- whore houses in Toronto -- actually in all of Canada. He won't be restricted to eating at home, as he put it so eloquently when he's got the urge.

Just hours ago, the Canadian's highest court in the land just struck down it's anti-prostitution laws. They didn't just strike them down, they smashed them. The vote on this measure was 9-0. No dissent.


OTTAWA (AP) — Canada's highest court has struck down the country's prostitution laws in their entirety in a unanimous 9-0 ruling.

The high court on Friday struck down all three prostitution-related laws: against keeping a brothel, living on the avails of prostitution, and street soliciting.

The ruling is a victory for sex workers seeking safer working conditions because it found that the laws violated the charter guarantee to life, liberty and security of the person.

I guess common sense and safety are really an important set of issues with our Canuck friends up north, "eh." Looks like hockey is going to be come Canada's second most popular after hours activity.

Now this isn't quite a done deal yet but it's cleared the highest hurdle -- the country's supreme court. But before you go planning your next vacation up north, there's a window in which the Parliament can strike this down. They have one year to do so. But if Rob Ford has any say, there's gonna be some partying with hookers going on up there as soon as the waiting period is up. If you're looking for a stock tip, I'm not a licensed broker, so I can't give you professional advice. Putting on my soothsayer hat, which looks very seasonal right about now, I'd consider investing in the Canadian tourism industry. They're going to be booking many a trip to the land of the Maple Leaf -- and it's not going to be for the hockey or maple syrup -- unless of course you're really into the kinky. This move is surely to be a boob, I mean boom to the Canadian economy.