Good things come in small packages. Take local gun safety laws, for example.


good things come in small packages

I cannot begin to count the number of times that I've posted about how important it is to support and elect Progressive candidates from the bottom up, meaning local school boards, city councils, you name it. Eventually, they can, and often do, work their way up the political ladder to holding state and national seats.

But starting small works (albeit slowly), because good things come in small packages. Take Exeter, for example.

Via ABC:

Voters in a small Rhode Island town defeated an effort by gun rights activistsSaturday to recall four sitting town councilors who had proposed changing the way gun permits are issued.

The rare recall election was prompted by gun rights supporters who said the four Exeter council members ignored their objections to a failed proposal to allow the attorney general to oversee the town's concealed weapons permits. [...] Town election officials reported a higher than expected turnout, with 63 percent voting against the recall. [...]

Councilor William Monahan said he saw the results as more of a victory of local politics over outside interests. [...]

Added Councilor Cal Ellis, "None of us here in Exeter are trying to deny someone the right to own guns. What I would hope is the results of this election would send a message that there are people — a silent majority — who would support a change in the way that we process concealed carry permits."