India To Reconsider Banning Gays - Must See Video



Yesterday, India's Supreme Court struck down a law which makes some common heterosexual activity as well as homosexual contact punishable by prison.

From Reuters:

In a major blow to gay rights in the world's largest democracy, the Supreme Court on Wednesday threw out a 2009 ruling by a lower court that had decriminalized gay sex.

"Criminalizing private, consensual same-sex sexual conduct violates the rights to privacy and to non-discrimination enshrined in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which India has ratified," Pillay said in a statement issued in Geneva.

"Yesterday's Supreme Court decision in this case represents a significant step backwards for India and a blow for human rights."

And speaking of blows, this Supreme Court finding also outlaws all "blowjobs" whether same sex or mixed.

The law criminalizes all acts of carnal intercourse other than heterosexual penile-vaginal intercourse, irrespective of consent.

This sounds like Ken Cuccinelli is the Chief Justice of the India Supreme Court. Fortunately, the outrage this finding has caused is now coming under review of the national congress in India. The Indian government under their rules, can override or rewrite this ruling.

The top court stated that India's government could change the law, deeming the Delhi High Court had overstepped its powers.

Let's hope saner minds take hold. Along the lines of this backward thinking by the India Supreme Court, here's a very short video that demonstrates what type of HARM this narrow thinking can cause --not just in India, but everywhere.

Those who victimize their loved ones don't realize the harm they do. Their ignorance results in shame and in some cases, far more severe outcomes.Victimization should be criminal. This video is an eye-opener. Imagine if this was your son these people were talking about! This is a definite must viewing: