Holiday Cool Things 2013



This first one doesn't fit into a category, but if you can donate to our friend and radio host Nicole Sandler at, you'll be helping the cause of Progressive radio and one of the best programs on the Internets. She often substitutes for Randi Rhodes, but that's not enough to keep her afloat.

Charitable Organizations-

Pet Refuge- My local no kill shelter. They are incredibly dedicated folks who volunteer to save the huge numbers of unwanted, abused and homeless animals. They also sponsor a low cost spay and neuter clinic on donations only. Good people doing good deeds.


FOB IAVA (Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America) need your attention every day. They are a non partisan group that lobby for and supports our returning soldiers.

The founder of Trucking Santas was a child that grew up in a single parent,
impoverished house. If it wasn't for donations from others, her family would've never known truly holiday joy. She decided to found a group effort to take the missing presents to the families by having truckers and trucking supporters (yes, she's in the trucking industry) help not with just toys, but necessities; such as clothes, shoes, bedding, towels, dishes, etc. Through three years, they have adopted 5 facilities totalling 300 people, and several dozen families, totalling around 200 people.



Silverwork By Wings is a traditional Pueblo silversmith (as were his father and grandfather before him). He also does other art, too, including photography. I've got to spend some time browsing at this site.


Shawn Shea is an artist by trade and sell prints, note cards, etc. You can check out his stuff at Fine Arts America.


Anna Leahy has some cool jewelry, art and memorable t shirts at her Etsy and Cafe Press stores!



Our own David Garber has a delightful read he'd love you to enjoy, Hollywood Huckster. I laughed, I cried, I kvelled.


Um, I think this book looks interesting... Profiles In Courageousness
. Reader Jack Kimble has a way with words. (Note: Rep. Kimble is a satirical, fictional conservative Congressman, a character a la Stephen Colbert on the Colbert Report)


FOB Kevin Peddicord has written a delightful children's book based on his experience with his own son, Time To Walk The Frog. I'd be curious to find out where they found a leash!


Gary Lamaster's The Teapublican Book of Lies: 50 Myths and Outright Lies Originated by the Republican Party and their Tea Party Allies (Volume 1) looks like a killer read, with many more volumes to come!


Bubble Genius, a stalwart Progressive supporter, should be a regular stop on your gift shopping trek. Great products for everyone on your list!

Surprise the kitties this year with the unique herbal blends from The Way of Cats.


If I thought my SIL would let me bro put these up, they'd so be on the way to his house. From Geeks Are Sexy. was started in 1998 as a way to promote companies
that made their products in the USA. This was well before the scares
about toys made in China that contained lead and toxic ingredients.

I want to note that your charitable organization, book, product or site will get daily promotion to over 168k eyeballs for the holiday month. For free. This is what one of last years looked like.

So send us rec’s about worthy or interesting possibilities for holiday shopping, plus we’ll just add in stuff we like. If you have any suggestions, drop us an email here (subject line- Cool Things), or email me at ‘Paddy AT thepoliticalcarnival DOT net’