So GOP, are you now going to repeal Fry's Electronics?


repeal fry's

  • Sudden surge of curious online customers: Check.
  • Deadline precipitates abrupt consumer deluge: Check.
  • Overwhelmed web page that offers a wide range of new products freezes: Check.
  • Users frustrated by slow or frozen page while trying to take advantage of marketplace choices, purchase options: Check.
  • Supply and demand issues create additional glitches: Check.
  • Crashed website: Check.

Nope. Fry's Electronics.

The Los Angeles Times:

Fry's Electronics, which rolled out online-only deals on Thanksgiving, saw its website crash in the morning under the weight of too many eager Internet shoppers. Product pages were slow to load or didn't load at all, and many customers found themselves unable to complete their purchases.

Come on, GOP, repeal the Fry's chain!

No, better yet: Repeal all online holiday sales! Get on it, Republicans, stat! Obsess on it! Make it your life's mission!

now that's snarky

  • I love that comment. I may steal it and tweet.

  • Chernynkaya

    Excellent. It strikes me as ironic, too, that thousands of frantic imbeciles will wait in line--PATIENTLY-- overnight for some piece of Chinese electronic crap, but not for decent health care coverage.

  • DeeinColumbiaMD

    Someday the GOP will be forced to answer for the history they create today. Sure they'll be people around trying to spin their behavior into reasonable antics of a loyal opposition. However, they'll also be people whose mission is go thwart those objectives and insist the GOP carry their tarnished brand into posterity. Those people will have you to thank. Because nothing captures the sentiment of our time better than righteously earned snark!