Dear Amy -- Thank You For The Smartest Answer To The Stupidest Question


best advice

I'm not much on advice columns but from time to time I catch a memorable response to a totally ridiculous question. Then I know why people make them part of their daily reading.

Here's the perfect example of what I'm talking about -- both in query and in reply. Kudo's to Amy Dickinson of the Chicago Tribune for nailing it from the start.

  • James Wilkinson

    The logic in the first paragraph is right-on and speaks to the paranoid, sexist, and utterly small-minded views held by bigots of all kinds. Pity it doesn't have widespread publicity.

  • David G

    It is a rather wonderful response, isn't it? DG

  • Jason Rowe

    Brilliant! This answer to the sexuality-is-a-choice crap is going at the top of my rhetorical "BS-Repellant" list!