Video- CBS's Bob Schieffer to GOP Rep.: Is Iran Deal ‘Diversionary Tactic’ for Obama Admin?


Got those RNC talking points right up there in the teleprompter eh Bob? Via.

  • Jason Rowe

    So....Is that dumbass question a diversionary tactic from the 60 Minutes Benghazi debacle...?

  • judi

    CBS is WAAAAAAAAAY over to the dark side now……..

  • stillonline

    Bob Schieffer claims that A Historic Deal On Nukes with Iran - after 35 Years of severed diplomatic ties, is "diversion from website glitch". Hey Bob do British, French, Germans, Chinese, Russians need a "diversion from Obamacare" too? Then says, he "Was asking RepubliCON friends for New Talking Points". Remember Schieffer? He's Texan whose Debate Questions are the only time George W. Bush sounded informed in a debate. Maybe he was....