Snarky analysis of the worst news anchor question o' the day


omg obama

Today Alex Witt asked this (slightly paraphrased) question of her guest regarding the Iran nuclear deal:

So if the Iran deal fails, does that mean failure for President Obama?

Let's dissect that, mmkay?

  • So what I'm asking is, if something fails, does it fail? And if Obama was involved, isn't he an epic fail, too? Well, isn't he? OMG!
  • So whaddya say, can I coax you to use the words "blame Obama"?
  • So if the deal doesn't go as well as the president hopes, is he the big fat failure we all know he is and always has been and always will be? OMG!
  • Can you please assume and/or predict a negative outcome of a deal that was finalized only hours ago, has six months to go, and hasn't even had a nano-chance to start working yet?
  • OMG! Is one potentially bad deal going to obliterate any and all successes he's had after 8 years of his presidency?
  • If making a peaceful, diplomatic attempt to avoid another insane, deadly war that would be terrible for the region, the United States, and the world doesn't produce an ideal result, don't you think it's time to prematurely condemn this president?
  • If things go the way President Obama's detractors want it to go, can we conclude that, OMG! his entire presidency sucks?
  • If the president doesn't succeed at this international effort that includes several other countries-- never mind that silly Osama bin Laden thing and avoiding war with Syria-- can we finally all agree that we should be dismissive of his entire foreign policy?
  • Can I garner higher ratings for my show by asking a meaningless-yet-annoyingly goading question that will-- OMG!-- incite more Obama bashing, blame, and disapproval?
  • Is this a particularly terrible interview?

blame Obama 2

  • FrothyBrown

    If the Likud Party dislikes negotiating with Iran, does that mean that Obama is to blame?

  • Debmcd

    I have a really hard time trying to listen to most anchors and pundits these days. Even so called progressives and liberals seem to be reading off the same script. I heard the anchors on two differnt news shows just this morning, lead in to the top story with exactly the same words. This is not the free press our founders envisioned. They have become political instead of just informing. One cannot read or hear news stories when without having to hear the opinion of the person whose sole job is informing the public of just the facts. Except now big corporations own those news outlets and the owners of those corporations don't care about facts. They have their own agendas and truth and facts just get in the way.

  • shindigg

    Exactly! And this is supposed to be we hear all the time the democrat and Obama station. But if this is the station that is supposedly the ally, who needs enemies? ...lmao....

  • Jason Parker

    The real journalists make sites like this one 😛 Major media outlets are mostly jokes.

  • paullwolborsky

    I think @common_squirrel could've done a better job digging for a story #digdigdig #gatherNutsInMyMouth #lookAtMeIAmAlexLikeMyBigBushyTail

  • I remember. I wrote it up when that happened, and it killed me to have to do that. Sigh.

  • LOL, fair enough! And thank you!

  • Richard Goldman

    Alright, C Todd may not be a literal Nazi as in round up the jews kind of nazi but if you had to pick an msnbc player who is Most Likely to become a Fascist... I would vote for Chuck... I'm just saying... and c'mon, I know morning joe is a big fat jerk, but he kind of has those larger than life kind of features... but I do get the fact that he is so thoroughly repulsive that it is hard to find anything about that attractive - ok youre right he's just goofy looking - It's amazing really that we get one friggin network and it has to contain the likes of joe & chuck and andrea & yes, now alex - PS: i should have said thanks for your piece - so glad others notice what I notice - it makes me feel a tad less crazy -

  • D May

    The Joe S who quit congress when his intern was found dead in his office

  • J. Mark Soveign

    In the summer of 2012 Comcast (one of the most evil corporations on earth) bought out Microsoft's position in MSNBC. The "MS" in MSNBC is (was) Microsoft. What remains is a blend of NBC (owned by GE -- another one of the most evil corporations on earth) and Comcast which wins awards for its horrible behaviors. R. Maddow was grandfathered in and gets decent ratings, but soon enough they will be looking for ways to undermine her & her program.

  • Ronald Zimmer

    I used to watch her show but i thinks she want to go fox snooze

  • Frances R

    OMG is right. MSNBC leans ass backwards.

  • Thanks! I had fun with this one.

  • judi


  • Wait... Scarborough is good looking? Which Scarborough are you watching? Todd is a Nazi?? I hesitate to use that word on anyone but a real Nazi. And yes, Chris and Rachel: Both my go-to shows.

  • Richard Goldman

    scarboro is there for his good looks - chuck todd is a nazi and andrea is a mole - they are all understandable - alex witt is not - chuck todd's shennanigans seemed to fool rachel for a few years... she's on to him now - as of course is chris hayes - chris is my go to for reality -

  • Rachel and MoJo also share the network. So do Chuck, Andrea and a few others. Go figure.

  • Richard Goldman

    alex witt is in fact evil - I will never fully understand msnbc - how, in 2013, do rachel maddow and alex witt work at the same network - witt belongs on cnn - she pretends to cut straight down the middle - but comes nowhere near it -