Please report this Facebook page: "We now have authority to shoot Obama, i.e., to kill him."


stfu plz

fb obama threat page UPROAR

UPDATE: Facebook doesn't feel that blatant death threats to Pres. Obama violate their "Community Standards"

Below is a screen grab of what some wretched extremist of questionable sanity named Everest Wilhelmsen posted on a reprehensible Facebook page (screen grab above) that goes by the name "United Patriots to Restore Our American Republic (UPROAR)":

FB page kill Obama

Excuse me?!

We now have authority to shoot Obama, i.e., to kill him.

The authority to kill Obama comes from the 2nd Amendment of our Constitution.

I would be very surprised, if Obama does not leave Washington DC today (Nov. 19th) ...never to return, if he is not dead within the month.

Looks like a threat to me.

But hey, that's okay with Facebook, but when I included this photo to illustrate one of my posts, I was suspended:

pregnant woman

Way to go, Facebook. As for "UPROAR," here is their "About" description (bolding mine):

U.P.R.O.A.R. (United Patriots to Restore Our American Republic) is dedicated to empowering our members to TAKE ACTION to RESTORE America to a Constitutional Republic as intended by the ORIGINAL INTENT of the Constitution of the United States of America. The Declaration Of Independence enlightens us to the TRUTH that it is the DUTY of EVERY CITIZEN to throw off the bonds of tyranny and to institute a government that will protect our rights. Inherent in that duty is the responsibility to be EDUCATED citizens that know our rights and understand that in order to ensure the continuation of Liberty Patriots WILL be called on from time to time to do UGLY things to SECURE those rights to the people, where they belong.

3,755 members, who apparently believe that they're "EDUCATED." In all CAPS! And who need to get ready, because they may be "called on" to do "UGLY" things, in all CAPS! Because, freedom!

I strongly suggest going to that page and reporting them to Facebook. I've done that.

And it wouldn't be a bad idea to report their content to the Secret Service while you're at it. I've done that in the past, and they've responded immediately and even expressed their gratitude.

This is just one more horrific example of the rampant hate speech and incitement to violence that have crescendo'd since Barack Hussein Obama, our first African American president, ran and then won... twice. It's vile, it's despicable, it's dangerous, and it continues.

H/t: @shnarkles

  • JHA

    Another post threatening President Obama and Vice president Biden,is there any authority
    willing to stop this group of home grown terrorists?

    Everest Wilhelmsen
    Yesterday · EditedPursuant
    to the FINAL WARNING, I am now putting together a short list of the
    representatives and senators who are acknowledging Obama's ineligibility
    to assume and hold the Office of President. If the American people
    decide to forgive them for having not
    formally acknowledged Obama's acts of fraud and usurpation sooner, they
    will maybe be permitted to remain in Congress. THE REST OF YOU IN
    CONGRESS HAD BETTER PREPARE TO DIE, because it is very near the time
    that the people will start abolishing your Oligarchy (Despotism) that
    has usurped our Sovereignty. You have willfully violated the people's
    trust, including the trust of numerous Democrats who voted for Obama --
    he was ineligible and you knew it while twice counting the electoral
    votes, but did not inform the voters. YOU ARE IN FACT LEVYING WAR
    FIRST CLASS HEALTH INSURANCE POLICIES, (i.e., your exclusion from
    WHEN THE PEOPLE COME FOR YOU !!! Obama and Biden won't be laughing when
    thousands, if not millions, of law abiding Americans show up in
    Washington with the intent to shoot them on sight.

  • daytrip

    Hank - those "outsiders" are actually members of the extreme right wing of the Republican Party. Try to keep up; it's not coming from outside the U.S. It's right here and yes, they want to destroy the planet and us with it.

  • Caroline Reznicek

    Never mind ...I see someone has alerted SS.

  • Caroline Reznicek

    Did anyone alert Secret Service?

  • hankusmc

    Some of these "crazies" may actually be from outside of the United States but have entered the country, filtered themselves into some of our "anti-Obama" organizations pretending to be Americans and spreading their hatred for the country that way. They come in, blend in (with the haters as if they are one of them) but have only one thing on their minds. ...To, by any means necessary, destroy America by breaking the country down from the inside. This won't work, but the way that these "outsiders" have hidden themselves into the masses by acting as if they are Republicans against Obama, or "Obama-haters" for whatever reason has, and is causing confusion within the Republican organization. Their cleverness has them in a position to convince "grassroots" Americans on the right that they are sincere in their negative accusations aimed at the President and what could be a better time than to "hit" the Commander-in Chief while others are attacking him? I believe there are different factions out there. Some have even gone as far as to convince others that President Obama is in fact, the "anti-Christ" come to destroy America! Again, they use the weapon of "confusion" in order to achieve their ultimate goal. America needs to be very careful, and more vigilant. Organizations like the one that Edward Richardson belongs to could very well be used as a "smoke screen" so that others can manuever their way through in order to do their dirty work. Let's be careful America. Otherwise, we might find ourselves bowing down to these outside infiltrators who care nothing about us, and whose primary goal is to turn us against our own country so that they can destroy us from the inside out.

  • Pauletta Mamacita

    Face book could care less. I have tried that option. They will only say they see no reason to stop this so they are apart of it.
    For all YOU know, they posted it and promote it.

  • BryceButler1

    Everest Wilhelmsen's twitter and website:

  • Wow, no I did not know! Thank you for all your help! I have another screen grab that I did not post at TPC if they need it.

  • John_St_John

    Not sure if you have perused Everest Wilhelmsen's FB page but one interesting bit of information I found and shared with the FBI is that Mr. Wilhelmsen was educated in Tehran, Iran. The FBI agent I spoke with also found that to be of significance.

  • John_St_John

    Just got a call back from the Salt Lake City FBI field office and they are forwarding the name of Everest Wilhelmsen and UPROAR to the Secret Service. The field agent I spoke with also asked me to email him copies of the screen grabs I made. Done and done.

  • Thank you all!

  • Thank you!!!

  • Gail, thank you!!!!

  • John_St_John

    Report the group and the poster, Everest Wilhelmsen to your local field office of the U.S. Secret Service. I did so via email and by calling and speaking with a Secret Service agent. They take threats like the one Wilhemsen made very seriously and do not mind showing up at the doors of people like him who are advocating for the assassination of our duly elected President of the United States.

  • Eric Reed

    They won't do anything because he is white and most of those Republicans feel the same way.

  • jokr8790

    The person who wrote this should be referred to the Secret Service Immediately.

  • Boodie Ugwumba

    How come stuff like these have to be reported to the authorities by us before they take them up? Aren't they supposed to know our thoughts before we even began thinking through the spying thing they do?

  • Patricia Wells

    They better hurry and put this guy away ,thats a threat to our president .......

  • Michael Picardi


  • Jeff Simons

    You called the Schutzstaffel? You must really hate him. (I'm kidding here BTW, the proper abbreviation for the Secret Service is USSS BTW.)

  • NintendoWii10

    I just sent the link to this page to Rachel Maddow and The Young Turks, marked as high priority. Hopefully they pick it up and start reporting this!

  • Rudewaitress

    I got blocked by Facebook for telling a tea party member to go fuck himself!

  • Gail Moran

    Hi Gotta: I reported this last night to the FBI - this Wilhelmsen guy has what appears to be his own virtually public FB page where this first appeared. Anyway, you might want to peruse his site to see what an Obama-hater he is. But I got a call today from a very nice FBI agent saying they were concerned and were following up. He wanted to know how I came across the post and all I could tell him was I saw it on Twitter and followed links to his get to his personal page. He assured me they were looking into it - he called me twice BTW - the first time I didn't answer b/c I didn't know who might be calling me from DC area code 202 that I didn't know.

  • damspam

    So where the :hell is the Secret Service?

  • On FB, go to his page, look to upper right and see gear icon. Click for menu, report. Re: Secret Service. Google their site, go to their Contact, find your area, call.

  • Michael Picardi

    How do we report this guy? and does the Secret Service know of this??

  • alaska99801

    When I heard yesterday about Larry K new stunt, it here's me realize how complicit the media gas become. Just listen to David Gregory on Sundays and you will see what I mean.
    The media is not explaining forcefully enough what are our rights under the first ammendment.
    We have freedom of speech, but not freedom to commit seditious acts. There is no doubt that clown Larry K. has committed seditious acts. Whether he will be prosecuted, that's another thing.

    You all miss a big point. There is a quid pro quo between the left and right media regarding their attacks on Obama. Especially from so called liberal media groups. There is an intrinsic relationship between Obama's positions on the Mid East, Iran nuclear talks, and the media attacks, and their silence toward people like the groups we are talking about.
    Some of you might not like it, might disagree, but you can't deny the pressure exercised by lobbying groups on the media, and their representations of the president's positions.
    What lobbying groups? AIPAC come to mind. Read their last proclamation against the POTUS. I fought for the USA, not for any other country.
    And what I am saying are facts. So, please, don't waste your time trying to say that I'm anti this or that.

  • Tommy6860

    ARRGGGHH! I reported this asshole too. The brutal hypocrisy seriously made me want to throw up. Hey, a little breast feeding demands you be banned forever, but death threats are the norm. WTF!

  • Nah, not worth it. We've tried. After nearly 7 years of tolerating and engaging, it's easy to tell who to ban and who to reach out to.

  • Thanks!

  • Timmy is... special. And gone.

  • alaska99801

    I don't agree with banning him though. I like to engage these nuts. Maybe I can save one or two.

  • Ripley in CT

    Wow, that's some vocabulary!

  • alaska99801

    Yes Timothy, that's what good people, good patriots do when our president is threaten.
    I don't care if he is dem or repub ir from Mars, the POTUS us the cmdr in chief.
    You just can't understand that.

    U.S. Army, retired.

  • alaska99801

    I reported them and called the SS.

  • Excellent.

  • Previous comments by the now-banned Timothy, found by clicking on his Disqus avi which leads to his history:

    Timothy K. Ready

    8 days ago

    And you are an idiot and a racist.

    Timothy K. Ready

    8 days ago

    And you are a racist.

    Timothy K. Ready

    8 days ago

    You're an idiot.

  • Nic Valle

    Yes I do feel better. Plus I will do whatever is neccesary to stop the ignorant fascist hate mongering that is corrupting this fine country. The tea party is not patriotic and does not love our country .

  • Oh crap. Did I forget to ban that slimeball? Glad you responded, Jean-Michel. Timothy is TPC history now.

  • Jean-Michel Ormand

    Silence = Death! Don't think your comment "everyone tattled to the gov't. Do you all fee better now? ' intimidates me any, it empowers me to report aholes like you that don't have a brain, and toting a heart full of racism. I am a veteran, and I find racist teaparty aholes unAmerican!

  • I'll try to update this, but suffice it to say, FB responded to me. They refuse to take down the page.

  • Jacqueline

    I just called the SS. The gentleman wrote down the info & said they are going to look into it. I hope they arrest these flipping loons!! Tea terrorists! Enemy combatants! Indefinite detainment!!

  • John K Roberts

    These "nuts", potential Lee Harvey Oswald should be arrested and locked away for the safety of the public. Any GED channeled dropout with a grudge can purchase a weapon and instantly become a threat to America. Stop the availability of guns!

  • Timothy K. Ready

    Everyone tattled to the gov't. Do you all feel better now?

  • BonniefromChi

    Also noticed that the Nov 19th rally that they hoped would intimidate POTUS into leaving WH attracted less than 100 pathetic patriots wearing tricorner hats. Somehow, I don't think this likely rattled PBO very much. Probably a lot of giggling in the WH yesterday.

  • Kate McIntyre

    I tweeted it to @SecretService .

  • ElDouchee

    that page is so terrible I think it's a parody or a Secret Service entrapment group.

  • Hope he puts on some comfy clothes for the Secret Service.

  • Daylon Brock

    I wish the national media would pick up this story.

  • BonniefromChi

    Also reported to Facebook.

  • ahmet barkuş

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  • Done. For all the good it may do. I have no doubt Facebook may become wishy-washy when confronted with this page's egregious hate & thinly-veiled threats. I feel unclean just having clicked on it.

  • Thanks Threemo!! I love you!

  • Frances R

    Just reported to Facebook, maybe many will shut this dangerous fool down.

  • Frances R

    That is not free speech, hope Secret Service does something. Facebook needs to suspend this vile account.

  • Thank you!!!

  • Daylon Brock

    I too, reported this to Facebook and received a "No, we didn't take it down" reply. I also called the Secret Service off in our state and reported it. I am old enough to remember the events which happened fifty years ago on Friday and never want it to happen again.