Monday Links



Great photographs.

A hundred years of grit: Film celebrates a century of New York street photography

Video- Doctor Who: 50 years of memories

12 Reasons Why Obama Is One of the Best Presidents Ever

Video- Qatar migrant workers 'treated like animals' - Amnesty

English singer Petula Clark is back 'Downtown'

Video- Mount Etna eruption lights up Sicily skies

Woman Fined $3500 for Leaving a Negative Review Online

'Comet of the century' set to light up the night sky as it skirts just 600,000 miles from the sun - if it avoids being vapourised by 2,700-degree heat

Sex in school closet, videotaped, costs teacher his job

Video- How to turn a house plant into a musical instrument

Lawmaker Wants Library to Lose Funding for Teaching 'Mexicans' English

Sharp counter tops are a no-no when you're naked! Realtor woos nudist clients with 'safe' property in new fly-on-the-wall show