Note to Readers


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Just a quick note to our wonderful readers:

For personal reasons, I'm cutting back on the number of posts I write every day. As you know, TPC pumps out product every day, all day, including holidays.

Paddy and David will still be churning out news, commentary, and information on a regular basis, but since my dad died, things just haven't quite been the same. Priorities are changing, and I feel a need to alleviate stress where I can. I've pushed myself to maintain a self-imposed fast-paced schedule since 2007, but something's gotta give, as the saying goes.

It's you, our amazing, supportive, loyal readers that keep all three of us going (and Lucian, our tech wizard and all around cool guy). We appreciate you beyond words.

This won't be a huge change, just fewer TPC posts. I'll likely still be all over the Twitter Machine, still be on the radio with Nicole Sandler every Tuesday morning, and still be fighting like hell for progressive causes.

Thanks, that is all. Not a biggie. Now, back to writing.

  • Jason Rowe


  • Right backatcha! I di understand about your Dad.

  • You're the best, Nef. Always have been.

  • Thank you Carla. He died back in May, but it's been catching up to me lately. I shall be around, especially on the Twitters, so pester away! I love you!

  • Hehe!

  • therealsammie

    Yay! I'm a Mo in good standing! Thank you for letting me be a part of the Ho Mo club. Wait...

  • Of course! You would be Fourmo since Francie Pantsy is Threemo.

  • therealsammie

    OK, you guys. I'm feeling so left out. I'm not a Memo, a Threemo or even a gadzillionmo. Granted, Monamony and I are twins, but Laffy is family, too (and Francie!). Can I be an alternative Memo or/and FriendMo? Love you both to death!

  • Sorry to hear about your father. *hugs* Do what you need to do; we'll still be here. 🙂

  • Laffy, I am really sorry about your Dad. You have to know all your readers love you and understand. You have to care for you first! And course I will still pester you on the twitters.

  • Heehee, you just channeled Dave! I will, I'm trying, and I plan on it! xoxoxoxo

  • Laffy Lass, we need you to take care of yourself so you're around for a looooooooong time. <3

  • How I adore you, Cos.

  • Love you too Charlie! Brent's!!!

  • Thanks Mellow. It's that plus a lot more, very complicated relationship. Plus the whole mortality thing. Plus being so stressed from covering politics.

  • Cosmic_Surfer

    Hey, sistah! I most certainly understand -Lost my parents within a week of each other just 2 yrs ago now. Not an easy time for anyone. It throws all those memories, fears, dreams, losses, and hopes together in a cosmic blender and puts them on "liquefy"

    Take care of yourself first and always then worry about the rest of the planet - we will all still be here ...


  • 42bkdodgr

    Laffy, you have to do what is best for you. We will always have "Brent's". You changed my life and I'm always here for you. Love you my dear friend.

  • mellowjohn

    take your time, laffy.
    you'll never stop missing him (it's been 10 years for me), but it does get easier.

  • therealsammie

    Women always have a special bond with their daddies. Mine died in 2000, and I still think about and miss him everyday. Love you to death, too. You are a very special and loved woman. C

  • Love you to death, Cathi! I'm in Paris in spirit. Still envious as hell, though. And thank you for the kind words re: Dad. I can't believe it's been 6 months! Hugs.

  • therealsammie

    As you said, you gotta do what you gotta do. Take care of yourself and don't forget to fly out here to Paris. I need a bridesmaid for my same-sex wedding with Ms. Paris France. Still thinking about you and you Dad, Laffy. Take care and look forward to whatever you feel up to writing. Cathi

  • Threemerz!


  • Love you too, Threemo! I'm trying....

  • Frances R

    I'm here for you two, always.

  • Frances R

    Time to take care of yourself! Love you, Memo!

  • Love you back!

  • Waltb31

    Do what you gotta do to maintain. Love your posts and tweets! But most important: You have to take care of you!

  • We hos sure does Memo!

  • We ho's gotta stick together, Memo! You are a good friend, and you also deserve a break. I wish you could do that.

  • I wish I could take a break too. I'm kinda jealous. It takes a lot of work keeping a site going. I'm always here for you. You are my friend:-)

    You ho!

  • I know you are, Memo, because you are the best. Taking a break: Possibly. I'll see how the slower pace feels first.

  • Taking a break might be a good idea. We all need to rejuvenate and politics can really take a toll. I'm here for you Memo!

  • Thank you RS and Chernynkaya. I have been dealing with way too much, and I never took a breather. It's taking a toll.

  • RepublicanSwine

    Whatever and whenever you post, we know it's great.

  • Chernynkaya

    Good for you. It's great that you're taking care of yourself--you've been dealing with too much.

  • Thank you Ahmet.

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