VIDEO: What?! A Secret Cucci Coup in Virginia! Cuccinelli had a plan to throw Gov. McDonnell out of office!


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Rachel Maddow revealed a remarkable newsflash last night that inexplicably hasn't made the media rounds yet. Please watch the entire video, but starting at around 14:00, she reports the following:

cuccinelli remove mcdonnell

University of Virginia politics guru, Larry Sabato... reported for the first time something truly amazing about this story and Virginia politics. He reported today for the very first time that Ken Cuccinelli had in the works a plan for throwing Bob McDonnell out of office.

Remember, Ken Cuccinelli is the attorney general, Bob McDonnell is the governor. When in August and September, it first looked as though Governor McDonnell was going to be indicted by federal prosecutors, Ken Cuccinelli reportedly had a secret plan.

He, quote, planned a dramatic public break with Bob McDonnell by invoking a specific section of Article V of the Virginia constitution, which had never been used before in the entire history of the Virginia constitution. It's the part of the Virginia constitution that would allow other officers of the state government to throw the governor out! To declare the governor, quote, unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office, thus throwing him out of office against his will, if he refused to quit.


Why did this not get reported until 48 hours after the election?

I mean, Ken Cuccinelli also took gifts from that guy. Ken Cuccinelli was totally implicated in that same scandal. Ken Cuccinelli didn't disclose his gifts from that guy. Initially, he waited until he was getting asked about it before he paid the gifts back. He never had any explanation for why he took those gifts for himself. He was never able to explain himself.

All the while, everybody's waiting for the indictment against Bob McDonnell, and Ken Cuccinelli is not able to distance himself from this horrible scandal, and he needed to be able to distance himself from it.

And all along, he had a plan to forcibly throw Bob McDonnell out of office?

This is amazing! why didn't we know before?

Cooch had a secret plan. Ken Cuccinelli had a secret plan for a coup to oust the scandal-ridden governor. The Cooch had a plan. There was going to be a coup.

Oh, my god, why didn't we know this before?

You are telling me there was -- I could have been -- you are telling me there was a secret Cucci Coup planned in Virginia?

All this time we didn't know about it. I could have been using this phrase all this time on TV, for months, since August? Virginia, do you realize what this does to me? I could have been using Cucci Coup as a banner on all of these slogans on all of these segments all of this time?  Virginia, you are killing me. you are killing me, I am dead.