"It is no longer beneficial to watch the news."


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The other day I posted about my Twitter pal Michael Hiltzik's column about why men should pay for #Obamacare pregnancy coverage.

He nailed it, as he is wont to do. The letters below reflect that, but the one that stood out to me was the last one, which pretty much replicates my mantra, only long form.

With that, here are today's Los Angeles Times letters to the editor, because our voices matter:

Re "Why men should pay for coverage of maternity care," Column, Nov. 6

Michael Hiltzik gets it right in explaining why men pay for maternity coverage and women pay for men to have prostate cancer screening and treatment. The point is to make the coverage universal.

Hiltzik also debunks so much media misinformation about those Obamacare horror stories and the lack of responsible research. I applaud him for digging into the real facts behind the Affordable Care Act and specifically Covered California.

My wife and I have researched coverage options for our 23-year-old son and have found that we are very well served here on the West Coast. Thanks to Hiltzik for clearing up some misconceptions.

Robert McMahon

San Diego


In a media environment dominated by misinformation or willful ignorance, Hiltzik's column laying out the true costs behind the Obamacare debate was remarkably clear.

Hiltzik belongs either on the front page of The Times or on a podium in Washington. He follows the long-forgotten maxim of Joe Friday in "Dragnet," who said, "Just the facts, ma'am."

Eric Alter

Woodland Hills


Hiltzik shows how mainstream television news programs have failed the public. His column proves it is no longer beneficial to watch the news.

It takes a real effort these days to find news sources that do anything more than regurgitate talking points and copy other news channels. In the case of Westchester real estate agent Deborah Cavallaro's story on CNBC, it was a lost opportunity to educate viewers who may or may not have also seen the same wrongheaded narrative on Fox News.

Thanks to Hiltzik for all his columns.

Robin Zur Schmiede

Laguna Beach

  • I'm assuming you're generalizing, since I have never proclaimed ACA to be the best piece of legislation since FDR. However, I will defend it against the lies and non-fixes by the GOP. I'm a huge single payer fan, but we have what we have, for now.

  • "The point is to make the coverage universal."

    That would be fine if the risk was "universal," but it's not. We have lists of what is covered and what is not, and the risk pool is not universal. I am covered by United HealthCare while someone else is covered by Blue Cross Blue Shiild, which is two separate risk pools. Even within BCBS, the one in California is separate from the one in New York because BCBS is itself, I believe, six separate risk pools.

    We keep wanting to apply principles which apply to universal health care to non-universal health insurance, sort of like applying football rules to baseball. If you want universal healthcare rules to apply then don't settle for what is not universal health care. Force our government to move to universal health care, which they will not do as long as we are congratulating them for the non-universal health insurance program they implemented instead of universal health care, and raving about how good the non-universal health insurance program is.

    The ACA, it is claimed, is the first step toward "Medicare for all,' but how is that going to happen if those who would make it happen are proclaiming their undying love and admiration for the ACA? How are you encouraging your leadership to change ACA into something better when you are proclaiming that it is the best piece of legislation since FDR and not permitting anything negative to be said about it?

  • RepublicanSwine

    Yep. MSM news just a copy-cat business anymore and a lot of it Fluff & Puff. Or, in the case of Fox "News" just pure RW Tabloid Trash.

    Worst thing IMO was change in corporate structure as News went from being a Value added service to a Profit Center. Down-hill ever since.