"Those of us who are well informed know better... Both parties are not guilty of excess."


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Round Two of today's Los Angeles Times letters to the editor, because our voices matter:

Re "A plague on both your parties," Opinion, Nov. 3

McManus writes: "We've finally found an issue on which almost all Americans, right and left, agree: We hate having a federal government that creates problems instead of solving them."

Well, then it's up to that same electorate to do something about it.

In 2010, voters saddled the country with a radical right-wing House and more extremely conservative Republican governors. This aided and abetted the tortured gerrymandering that has all but guaranteed Republican control of the House for several more years.

From shutting down much of the government to threatening default on our debt, this is a byproduct of that midterm election.

It's easy for out-of-touch voters to blame both parties, but those of us who are well informed know better.

Bob Teigan

Santa Susana


What's really the issue is that the news media have lost their ability to think critically. Now what you see is too many journalists and pundits parroting the same meme — for example, that Benghazi is a scandal, the Affordable Care Act is a failure and that both parties are guilty of excess.

The Affordable Care Act has really just begun. In six months, there will be thousands of citizens enjoying the benefits of the law.

Both parties are not guilty of excess. The Republicans were going to financially destabilize the country to defund a law they didn't like.

John Hopgood

Studio City