Video- Fox Goes To Bat For 60 Minutes Benghazi "Witness" Who Admitted He Lied


See!! Fox can have it's own opinion and facts. More here at MM.

  • CaptainQuality

    Releasing a name is disgusting, eh Chaffy? Kinda like what Fox News did to the guy who shot Bin Laden? What the right did to Valerie Plume?

  • HoldenLitgo

    False Witness: "I lied."

    False Fox: "No, you didn't."

    False Witness:"Yes, I lied."

    False Fox: "No, you're seemingly very credible."

    False Witness: "No, I'm absolutely not. I lied."

    False Fox: "You did not lie. You're a decent American Patriot."

    False Witness: "I'm British, actually. And I fabricated the entire story."

    False Fox: "Stay tuned! There's more to this breaking story than meets the eye!"