VIDEO: Trick or treat! Kids get anti-abortion propaganda in their Halloween bags


Halloween abortion propaganda New Mexico

Dear Trick or Treaters,

Here is a bonus trick for you! A little something that Mommy and Daddy can read to you at bedtime:

"I am a human being.”

“53 million killed.”

There now, isn't that special?

Trick or treat, Albuquerque children! Message courtesy of cards from the Right to Life movement.

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Via KRQE News 13:

“I am not a clump of cells," the card with an image of a fetus proclaims. Another one asks “Am I not human?”

We just noticed these cards attached to certain candies and started pulling them off, and we were pretty shocked to see that kind of stuff targeted at kids,” one parent, Frank Valdez, told local news affiliate KRQE News 13. “They’re forcing an agenda on little kids, pretty much.”

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