Scott Walker made quite an impact at Cuccinelli rallies: A whopping 100/150 people showed up


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Wowee! Scott Walker and Ken Cuccinelli together! At a rally! Oh boyoboy! What could be better than seeing them side by side trashing women and unions? Who wouldn't go to an event like that?!

Two powerhouse conservatives on one stage, and EVERYbody got word of it, so it's a given that it would be a jam-packed photo op. Get those cameras and smartphones revved up, because Scottie and Da Cooch are in the house!

A guaranteed gigantic, enthusiastic, shoulder-to-shoulder crowd, right?




One of the about 100 supporters gathered in a field in this D.C. exurb waved a “Stand with Walker” sign from last year’s recall fight.

At an earlier stop in Spotsylvania, which drew about 150, Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus led the crowd in singing Walker a happy 46th birthday.

Cuccinelli trails in the polls and is the heavy underdog. The attacks on unions are part of a broader effort to motivate the conservative base for the expected very low-turnout election.

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