Sheriff Let's Drunk Driving, Pistol Packing Man Go -- Florida Justice Again


Nick finch arrested

So, driving while intoxicated (DUI) in Florida isn't a crime. Carrying a concealed weapon without a permit in Florida isn't a crime. And destroying evidence of a crime in Florida, isn't a crime. At least it's not if you're Liberty County, Florida Sheriff Nick Finch — who is accused of illegally acting on behalf of Floyd Parrish, an intoxicated driver, arrested on a concealed weapons charge.

Here's some background from the Raw Story:

Finch was arrested after it came to light that he helped Floyd Parrish, who had been pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving and was found to be carrying a concealed weapon without a permit. According to the arrest warrant, Sheriff Finch took the arrest file from Sgt. Lisa Smith, freed Parrish, and told Sgt. Smith not to file any charges.

What seems to be lost in whether or not this is a 2nd amendment issue at all is that Floyd Parrish was stopped for being intoxicated, crime one. Second: illegal gun possession. So as it turns out he was loaded in more ways than one.

The third crime here was the cover-up -- the destruction of police booking documents and evidence of the crime. And that's perhaps the most shocking. That's on Sheriff Finch.

And now he's going to be tried. I'm quite confident that in Florida, with their history of jurisprudence and justice lately, the sheriff will be acquitted, back in his office shortly after the jury's sworn in. Innocent and free to endanger his community again.

So why the people of  Liberty County backing the Sheriff in this situation is outrageous. They live in the area where the man was driving while impaired. He could have killed somebody. As it turns out, this man was in possession of two deadly weapons-- a car and a pistol and he was intoxicated. But does the public care about that? Evidently not.

Is there any concern that their sheriff destroyed evidence of other crimes? "That's nothing. We've got a gun charge here and we're gonna  make sure it don't stick. Nobody takes our guns and gets away with it."

Floyd Parrish could have used either one of his two deadly weapons to kill somebody that night, while intoxicated. Evidently that means nothing to these ignoramuses, including the sheriff. This isn't a second amendment issue. It's a personal and community safety issue. Drunk and driving don't mix. And neither does drunk and pistol packing. Why's that concept so hard to understand?

Oh, yeah, that's right. This is Florida.