Republicans, this is on you... and your unrelenting cruelty


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enough is enough

This is what I saw this morning when I opened my Los Angeles Times. Front paged:

About 4.2 million Californians are affected by the drop in benefits, including more than 1.1 million residents of Los Angeles County. And many local businesses will be hurt as well, because California's food stamp recipients will be spending $46million less per month in local stores.

"The impoverished are forced to eat junk if we want to eat," said 32-year-old Tabitha, a mother of a 2-year-old and a 7-year-old staying at a Culver City shelter, who asked that her last name not be used because she said she was embarrassed. "It's going to be difficult, as it already has been."

The cut was triggered by the expiration of stimulus spending Congress approved in the depths of the Great Recession. It is unlikely to be the last...

And in Wisconsin, via JSOnline:

More than one in seven Wisconsinites — including 379,000 children and 164,000 seniors — will see their monthly food stamp benefits fall in November as provisions from a 2009 economic stimulus law phase out.

I don't even know where to begin. I'm shaking mad, no exaggeration. And this is just in California and Wisconsin, for f's sake.

Not only are children's lives in danger-- as well as adults'-- but parents are feeling humiliated-- humiliated because they're working their asses off and can't afford food!-- as they barely scrape by, scared silly and worried about where their family's next meal is coming from.

Again, a good many of these families are WORKING families. That cannot be emphasized enough.

Plus, what all too many of these Americans are eating is junk that will simply kill them more slowly than not eating at all.

While all of this is going on, right in front of our eyes like a damned slo-mo train wreck, we're managing to further destroy a very, very sluggish economy that has been steadily, but slowly improving.

Thank you, Republicans. This is on you... and your unrelenting cruelty. 

While Democrats keep trying to pass laws that would (hopefully) make things easier for many of us, the GOP is blocking their attempts at every turn, and has been since President Obama was elected.

That's the difference between the parties. One wants to help, one wants to destroy.

Are you seething yet? Well, buckle your seat belts gang, because you're in for a bumpy ride. This video, a must-watch, won't help:

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Economist Jeffrey Sachs was on "All In with Chris Hayes" and nailed it. I mean, he really, really nailed it:

It is an agenda of cruelty beyond belief. ... But it's unbelievable what this country is coming to, which is actually taking -- literally, food from the hungriest children in this country. it is disgusting, there is no rationale for it.

It would be simple to fund this. In fact, simple to fund it from the richest people in this country who get tax breaks galore, often pay no taxes whatsoever, and the abuse of our spirit, our morality, is shocking, and this today is one of the worst things we've seen, period...

You'd probably get about $3 billion a year from the 40 people alone.

I have here...a piece of legislation submitted by Senator Levin, which is all of the worst tax phony loopholes for American companies, putting their money in the Caymans, this is $220 billion over ten years, it's not about raising tax or anything. It's about closing the most disgusting, egregious loopholes; we could feed our children decently without breaking a sweat...

The whole thing is a game for tax breaks at the top... And that, I think, a lot of people unfortunately don't see because that's all disguised. This isn't about taxing the middle class to pay for this. This about the taxes at the top that aren't paid. And we have our biggest companies putting money in Bermuda, putting money in the Cayman Islands. Earning profits and paying no taxes on them at all and lo and behold, we're told there's no money for the poorest people in the country.

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    Zombie Corporations are causing these $5 Billion cuts in Food Stamps. They ramped up security, but there were no riots. Even after World War 2, there was not such austerity. How much more do working people in the US have to take? So Zombie Corporations like Wal-mart and other corportions can take those monies to profits? Zombie Corporations, meaning that these legal entities called "Corporations" have no empathy or social responsibility.

  • rikyrah

    they are evil asses...the entire lot of them.

  • Sally

    It was front page in my GOP rag here in MI too, about how much money the state will be losing from this ridiculous sham of a bill. The GOP, had they any conscience left, would be ashamed. But they are cruel, mean, and nothing at all like the Christians they parade around as. Democrats, who don't wear their religion on their sleeves, are the party of the people, and the sooner we get this horrid Tea group out of Congress, the better for all of us. They want people to die. They want to tank this nation and turn it over to corporatists and evangelical preachers.

  • RepublicanSwine

    Sad on so many levels. The GOP not really a citizens political party anymore. It's more of a Racketeering operation for the 1%. Millions hurt so an incredibly small % of Meglos can accumulate more wealth and power.