Cop Plants Drugs On 5th Grader, Kid Attacked By Cop's Drug Sniffing Dog



Oh, well, things, no matter how well-intended, do sometimes go wrong. Playing with matches near a fire. Leaving a loaded rifle unattended in a middle school. Planting drugs on a young kid to show how drug sniffing dogs work. I mean after all, this is America and that last one did happen far away... way down in Brazil.


What? It DID happen in Brazil... but Brazil, Indiana? I guess that makes it part of the US, then. Oopsy.

Here's the story, tragic but true. According to the Brazil Times, the local newspaper, police were holding a demonstration on how drug sniffing K-9's assist in catching drug offenders. Before the demonstration, the police officer met with five kids, all 11 years old. The officer, for demonstration purposes, placed a small quantity of marijuana into one boy's sock. The purpose was for Max, the dog on the team, to identify which student was carrying.

k-9 unit

And he did, alright. While unleashed and sniffing the kids, boys and girls, the dog became aggressive and that scared the kid with the stash in his sock. He twitched and Max attacked, biting the boy's ankle severely enough that he had to be transported by ambulance to the local hospital. Both the boy and Max are doing fine now.

Max has been relieved of duties pending his passing a rabies test. The young boy, name withheld, seems to be fine and proudly brandishes his stitches though minor surgery was required. He hopes Max won't have to be put down.

Now the cop on the other hand? Nothing. His actions which included leaving the dog untethered and unrestrained do challenge one to ask why? This dog is trained to be a deterrent. He's trained to be vicious. Knowing he was going to find drugs, shouldn't that have been a common sense warning. These are 11 year old kids. You're going to trust them to not move when approached by this animal?

Now here's the saddest part -- how stupid can the cops be to run a simulation test with kids and not expect them to react with some concern when a large dog growls and opens his mouth toward your leg -- especially when you know you have contraband on you?

Last week I reported on a shooting of a police officer's rifle (resulting in children's injuries) when he left his loaded and unattended at a middle school. This week it's a drug dog biting a kid who's used by the cops as bait.

Maybe it's time for the cops to stop visiting schools and hurting young students. Their job seems to be better served by patrolling problem neighborhoods. Less school demonstrations and more common sense. Fortunately the victim of this reckless police officer's demonstration will be fine. And hopefully his dog will too. But enough is enough.

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    David Garber everybody... Jamaica MA, Paris TN, Dublin GA, Brazil IN get it?... Brazil, GET IT?... If you didn't get it I suggest going back and re-reading that incoherent intro about Brazil. Such a witty fucking intro to a story about a kid getting mauled by a police dog... You sir, are a fucking cunt.