Reckless Cops Visit School And Cause Student Shootings



Okay, how  many times do the police have to be told not to leave their fully-loaded weapons where someone could get to them? Then ask yourself how irresponsible is it for them to leave those weapons unattended near kids -- at a school? Hello. anybody home?

An 11-year-old told KCAL-TV that police officers were playing four square with students about 11:40 a.m. Wednesday and handing out stickers when one student wandered over to a police motorcycle that had a gun latched to it.

The event was part of “Red Ribbon Week,” which is intended to promote awareness about illegal drug use.

Maybe it should have been about gun safety instead.

What is wrong with the negligent officers? More than you might think. Read on from Real Story.

Chino police said the weapon was initially identified in reports as a handgun, but officers confirmed the firearm was an AR-15 rifle.

Okay, stop there. The police don't know the difference between a handgun and an AR-15? That's reassuring. So, when they got to the bottom of that, these trusty officers revealed:

They said the gun was discharged but never removed from its locked mountain device.

Now I'm going to venture a guess and say that statement has a typo. I think they probably meant the AR-15 was in a locked mounted device. But either way, it obviously wasn't that well locked that an elementary school kid couldn't get it to go off, ultimately causing multiple student injuries and hospitalizations

And finally this. The brain trust of these police officers on the school visitation came to this conclusion.

Similar weapons have been removed from police motorcycles during the investigation.

Just during the investigation, mind you. My question is this: when they say similar weapons have been removed are they talking about rifles, or the the police officers who were reckless and allowed for this event to happen in the first place?

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