Oh, Florida, You Did It Again


escaped florida killers

Seems justice in Florida is an elusive thing. Even a conviction for murder -- and we all know how tough that is to come by with Stand Your Ground laws -- seems to be part of an open door policy. Certainly it is if your names are  Joseph Jenkins (guilty of first-degree murder in the 1998 killing and botched robbery) and Charles Walker (guilty of second-degree murder in a 1999 slaying).

These two convicted murders accidentally duped the Florida penal system and were allowed to walk out free from prison, with years left on their sentences. They're currently free.

Now how did they do it? Simple, they just forged some documents which they downloaded on the prison computer system. After printing them up, they just filled in their names on these sample release forms. Next on the to-do list was they needed a judge's signature to make this all Kosher. So whose did they use?  Why none other than Judge Belvin Perry, the infamous Casey Anthony judge who's signature is readily available on Google images.

So these two killers outsmarted the Florida Penal system. But how smart are they?

Before their release could be discovered, they went to the police in the city they were staying and registered as felons with the police department. After all, that is the law. They figured, hey, were' out. Might as well follow the rules since it looks like we're legally free, except for the required ex-con felony registration requirement. This way if they got stopped for a traffic offense and their prints or names were run, they'd come up clean. Gotta hand it to these two. If they ever get caught, they should consider writing guest scripts for police drama's, maybe CSI Miami, The Movie.

So they go on with their lives for a few weeks until one of the deceased victim's family was notified of the release by the Florida Department of Justice, something they do in Florida when a killer is set free. The family member was nervous, thinking this released convict might come to extract some revenge on the family. So they called their attorney who called the states attorney general. He looked into it and found out there was no release ordered.

The prison officials examined the documents and determined them to be forged.

The brilliant Florida Justice Department somehow ended up releasing the story BEFORE the two cons were re-arrested, and now they're on the lamb.

For an update on the story, watch below. But really Florida. Can't you get your legal sh** together?

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  • David G

    You are so right. Thanks. DG

  • David G

    they were tired.

  • DC Madman

    Allow me to pick nits... are they riding or eating a lamb? The idiom is 'on the lam'.

  • CaptainFabulous

    Why are they riding a lamb?

  • View_From_Here

    This looks like a job for ZIMMERMAN!

  • Bose

    The latest I'm finding on this is that standard procedure for clerks of court filing orders in other states is that they must receive original orders (not photocopies, signatures in ink). So, Florida is catching up on that now, and adding other error-checking.

    The talking heads are all insisting that these were masterful forgeries in form and content. The images being shown in videos, though, (I couldn't find actuals, FL must not want us to see them) look like smudgy, bad photocopies.

    It sounds like it will be a while before they can rule out that a cottage industry of document forgers has been active more widely. Crazy.

  • David G

    Ain't that the truth... and it's happening so often that Florida is really becoming a punchline, not a winterland destination.

  • RepublicanSwine

    Man, Florida piled on the stupid with this one ...