New Jersey -- There's No Christ In Christie


Who Am I

Who am I?

I defunded planned parenthood, I oppose abortion rights, I vetoed gay marriage in my state, I stand with the gun lobby on gun background checks, I brought the poverty rate in my state to an all-time high, I raised taxes on the working poor,I refused tax increases on millionaires, and I am looking for reelection so I can run for president in 2016.

The answer is everyone's nightmare, but New Jersey's own, Chris Christie. Despite his infamous short fuse and illegally using police helicopters for his own personal purposes (coptergate), this questionably corrupt individual is is an overwhelming favorite. This is truly amazing as he's a Republican in a Democratic leaning state. What is in the post-Sandy water the people are drinking there?

How devious and calculating is Christie? Just ask the New York Times:

Gov. Chris Christie, a Republican, called for the special election, at a projected cost of $24 million, in June, following the death of Senator Frank R. Lautenberg, who represented the state for five terms. Mr. Christie himself is up for re-election in three weeks. That election will be more typical, on a Tuesday. Mr. Christie vetoed a bill that would have consolidated the two days, arguing it would cause “unnecessary voter confusion.”

The New Jersey governor added $24 million in costs to an already cash strapped state. Why? Because he was afraid that Cory Booker, the extremely popular Democratic Newark Mayor's candidacy for Senator would bring a lot of Democratic voters out to the polls. If Democrats showed up in large numbers for this combined gubernatorial/senate off-year election, they might vote for Christie's opponent, Democratic State Senator Barbara Buono. This woman:

Tragically for the Garden State, every poll shows Christie is a shoe-in. But when you look at what this man stands for, he casts a long and wide shadow of questionable character and self-serving motives. When confronted for his take on the government shutdown, he sloughed it off as he's glad he's not there. But what we'd all like to know is what would he have done if he was?

The election is around the corner. And the Christie machine will most likely prevail. You have to scratch your head and ask why? Who does this bombast have naked pictures or illegal wire-tapped conversations of? He's not winning on personality alone. And Barbara Buono certainly represents the democratic stand on so many issues. Can you solve this conundrum?