VIDEO: All those stunts, GOP comes up empty. Former GOP Rep: "'But we stood up to Obama.' That's crap."


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David beat me to it with one of these videos, but that's okay. It's worth a second look, and I added one more to the mix.

Rachel Maddow's analyses included the very public collapse of the GOP, the tea party 's plunging poll numbers, the repeated failed attempts by Republicans to make ridiculous, unmet demands, their irrational strategy, and their persistent delusions of success while being pushed by conservative groups into fiasco after fiasco and humiliation, all without a single victory.


The total collapse of the Republican party's effort here to try to end Obamacare, to try to get their way on policy by threatening and then causing a government shutdown, and then by coming right up to the edge of hitting the debt ceiling. The failure to achieve anything by that strategy, other than harm to the economy, and to their own standing with the American people, that failure does not mean that everybody on the right thinks that what they just did was a bad idea.

...The American public's view of the tea party has never been more negative.

That said, look at the title on the poll as they put it out. The overall plunging of popularity with the tea party, basically saying that nobody identifies with the tea party anymore, Americans are starting to hate them more and more.

But that said, the last few people that remain in the tea party, well, Ted Cruz' popularity is soaring with them.

Nobody in American politics wanted a shutdown, except for the right. Nobody in American politics thought a debt ceiling standoff was a good idea, except for the right. Nobody thought maybe a debt ceiling crash might even be a good thing, except for a very narrow sliver of the right.

Former Rep. Steve LaTourette (R-OH):

The thing that kills me. They're going to go home and say -- "Well, it is a rhinos and the squishes, joined with the Democrats, reopened the government. And did this thing. But we stood up to Barack Obama." That's crap.