So You Met Ted Cruz And Now You Know How It Feels, Goody, Goody


goody goody cafe

By now we're all aware, or should be, that the imminent dangers of a debt-ceiling default are over and on top of that, the government is once again funded - but just for a little while.

Hopefully the lesson learned is that you don't hold up the entire country over Obamacare or the mad rantings of a lunatic, Ted Cruz. He's the guy who eggs you on to toss a rock, breaking a window. Then when the owner of the house comes out, he points the finger at you and says, "He did it, not me."

Rachel Maddow last night was in perhaps her finest form when she put together the piece below. These 4 minutes will fly by as only Rachel M can make them do -- and you'll see the full hypocrisy and fruitlessness of the GOP's antics. Forget that Boehner's games cost the United States an estimated 24 Billion dollars. Yup, billion with a "B." This is what the Republicans games got for our money as well as a record low favorability rating.

  • David G

    You describe well in your lament what theGOP should be doing -- and that's their jobs. They are there for servicing America, not just their small or large gerrymandered districts. DG

  • Bob Martin

    Rachel Maddow is the master-stress of policy wonkery. I love her. She is the greatest liberal since Amy Goodman and I would follow her into hell.

  • RepublicanSwine

    Thanks for posting Vid Dave. Maddow did her usual good job. Wish she hosted #MTP. Does her homework.

    Sad seeing the Depths & Plotting GOP goes through to undermine the President and the Country. Imagine if they put that time & energy into making the Government work for the majority of us.