Let's annoy the hell out of right wing haters. "You've never laughed this hard at a Muslim."


muslims are coming

Meet Dean Obeidellah. He is a Muslim progressive, and he writes for CNN.com and The Daily Beast for starters:

Dean ObeidallahMore about Dean Abeidallah here.

If you like funny, if you love poking fun at how so many on the right hate Muslims, then you'll like his film called "The Muslims Are Coming." Here is the film's official website:

The Muslims Are Coming! is an award winning comedy documentary which follows a band of Muslim-American comedians as they visit big cities, small towns, rural villages, and everything in between to combat Islamophobia! Throughout the film, comedy icons like The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart, David Cross, Janeane Garofalo, Colin Quinn, Lewis Black, Aasif Mandvi and media heavy weights like Rachel Maddow, Russell Simmons, Soledad O’Brien, Ali Velshi and Congressman Keith Ellison comment on the power of comedy and the political scope of bigotry. Rest assured, you’ve never laughed this hard at a Muslim!

You may well already be familiar with this doc, but now many of us on the left are pushing to get it to Number One on the iTunes doc chart. Today. We're doing that today.

Did I mention Rachel Maddow and Lewis Black are in this movie? Among others, I mean. As you can see, it's got an impressive cast list. Here are a few blurbettes that came their way:

USA Today called the film: "Thoughtful and funny"

Chicago Tribune said the film: “packs a funny but trenchant punch.”

The LA TImes called it: "Provocative...edgy."

Seattle's The Stranger raved that the film is, "Funny as poop!...makes its points with charm."

You know how it is, making fun of Fox for their Muslim Hatred is darned so time-consuming, so the film does it for us.

Speaking of hating, a site called Front Page Mag attacked the film because, well, they really don't like being laughed at. Their solution? Attacking Dean and Co.:

Obeidallah, who bills himself as the Dean of Comedy (Get it? His name is Dean) couldn’t or wouldn’t respond. Instead, he went off and wrote about my piece at the Daily Beast where he could dismiss me as a hater for his audience of smug leftist sheep, who either live in willful ignorance about Islam or happily support the agenda of Islamic fundamentalists to tear down western civilization from within and without.

I still haven’t seen Obeidallah’s documentary...

So let's put them at Number One today, if for no other reason than to annoy the hell out of the haters.

  • richardstarr

    *sigh* Islamaphobia?

    There are different flavor of Islam much as there are of Christianity.
    Now the question is, how many of the negative things associated with Islam
    are part of Islam itself and how many are part of the culture of the individuals
    doing the bad things.

    The thing is, the practitioners of Islam would not consider that women to be
    a real Muslim. In some parts of the world she would be subject to punishment
    for not wearing the hair covering. In others she would be stoned to death for
    allowing a strange man to rub up and down on her, especially if it turned out
    that "he" was not a Muslim.

    In parts of the Muslim world, the following are true.
    1) Attempting to convert someone from Islam is punishable by death.
    2) If you practice a different religion, you are subject to special taxes and are not
    allowed to have any political power.
    3) Many things accepted in the US, or at least tolerated, like homosexuality subject
    you to the death penalty.

    We have seen people kill others in the name of Islam.

    We have seen our own people self censor themselves out of fear of offending Muslims and possibly being murdered.

    Being afraid of certain forms of Islam is just sensible.
    That said, it does not mean you get to mistreat others for their faith.
    You are required to be reasonably tolerant of their beliefs, but you don't need to
    embrace those beliefs as normal or desirable.