Rant Time: GOP humiliated; Cruz delusional; temporary fix; Americans suffer. In other words, business as usual.


rant alert

Rant commences:

Today I tweeted, "Anybody who votes Republican in 2014 should have their head examined after what GOP put us through. Destroying this country." Of course in 140 or less I had no space to add that nobody should have or should be voting for these self-serving, willfully ignorant fools ever, but hey, Twitter has its limitations.

On MSNBC, Andrea Mitchell asked, "What have we learned?" Answer:

GOP: Nothing.

The rest of us: Vote Progressive.

Speaking of Twitter:

"Good fight"? That's what it was, "Mr. Speaker, a "good fight," a big game? No. Wrong. It wasn't a good fight nor was it a game. Not at all. It was a terrible fight, a futile fight, a destructive, sado-masochistic fight that should never have happened.

But that's what these contemptible, irresponsible Republicans do: block, obstruct, project, whine, lie, and create conflict where there is none, especially the most conservative wing of the GOP to whom others defer, all in the name of more power and money.

They have no principles.

Back to The Boehner:

Blocking "will not be a tactic for us" ... today. But there's always tomorrow, right Boehner? His next statement pretty much suggests that very thing: The fight to kill Obamacare "will continue." In fact, I just got an email alert from the New York Times that begins with:

Coming out of a closed-door meeting Wednesday afternoon, Republican lawmakers are already regrouping for the next fight.

They actually want deeper cuts than have already been inflicted by the sequester.

Are we having a good time yet? Enough wasn't enough? They're actually planning to inflict more pain and damage on this country, they thrive on that. This is who they are, these are the radicals who Republican voters continue to support with gusto.

Speaking of damaged, did I mention Raffy Cruz continues to be utterly delusional?

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Yes, he actually declared victory over Obamacare. Wonkette:

Asked what had been accomplished by the shutdown, since the Affordable Care Act was not repealed, defunded, delayed, or even modified, Cruz rejected the question’s premise and declared the House of Representatives’ shutdown a “remarkable victory” and a “profile in courage,” since the House listened to the American people (who overwhelmingly opposed a shutdown, and over the course of the shutdown have actually increased their support of the ACA).

Not nauseous yet? Ted Cruz Admits Budget Standoff Was All About Building Fundraising Lists.

And guess what? Come February, we get to do this all over again. No long term solutions here, America, just another postponement and yet another round of unnecessary fighting, angst, manufactured crises, and excruciating impasses:

(CNN) -- Reid said the Senate deal under discussion would reopen the government by funding it until January 15. It also would raise the debt limit until February 7 to avert a possible default on U.S. debt obligations for the first time.

So what was the point of all the extortion again? I can tell you what it wasn't: "The real fight under way isn't primarily about the size of government but rather who benefits from it."

If all this isn't painful enough, you and I both know that Republicans will do all they can to make it appear as if they were the good guys, and look at this go-nowhere economy, exclamation point! and, hey we tried to compromise, exclamation point! and-- say it with me-- blame Obama, many exclamation points!!!!

Memories are short, red state voters are notorious for not paying attention or remaining stubbornly, self-defeatingly loyal to their right wing extremist base, there are too many gerrymandered districts, and the media is GOP-compliant.

On the other hand, President Obama handled this well, Cruz is despised, Dems are pissed off and ready to Get Out The Vote, and many more Americans have noticed what infantile jerks congressional Republicans are, and how they once again brought us to the brink of economic disaster.

Did I say brink? We're already seeing the effects of their stupid "showdowns." The Government is Already Defaulting. And the Shutdown Has Cost The Economy $24 Billion. Oh, and the Perpetual Budget Crises Have Already Cost 900,000 Jobs.

Did I mention that Republicans Shut Down the Government for Nothing?

So as they bellow about economic loss and slow growth, Republicans created more economic loss and slow growth.

Remember who voted enthusiastically for the unfunded Iraq War and Bush tax cuts? Me too.

They failed. They embarrassed themselves. Their party members are self-absorbed, hypocritical, frivolous, criminally negligent loons. America is suffering even more now because of their ineptitude, self interest, and calamitous policies.

But hey, at least the Dow is back up.

dow up 200

In other words, business as usual.

Rant over.

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