What's A Tea Partier Thinking? You Assume They Think


Tea Party Rally

I would have to say that the radical spokesperson for Freedom Watch, President Larry Klayman, would be speaking for his people when he takes to the podium to address the crowd. He's the group's leader. His words are the movement's gospel. And if you accept that premise we're in trouble. Klayman is seemingly deranged out of his gourd as he speaks for this far right coven. They have become a cancer that's overtaking it's host (the GOP). We can pray for the patient, and hope there's some way to put the disease into remission.

If you can stomach it, you really should watch this clip of them calling for a "peaceful" revolution. You'll learn that Obama bows down to Allah, he reads the Koran, he's not a true American. Their solution is for him to "surrender" and come out and face this mob, submitting to them by holding his hands out -- for shackles, or up -- so they can more easily slip a noose around his neck and lynch him. Peaceful?

I'm not sold this group knows the meaning of the Constitution nor the laws the cherished document represents. It appears from their rhetoric that this land is their land, this land ain't my land.

If here's any doubt that the vile and disillusioned Republican wing known as the Tea Party is now over the cliff, out of their minds and dead-on ignorant, your veil of confusion is now lifted with this Klayman clip. And what's behind the "curtain" is nothing short of shocking. I'd prefer spending  an evening dining with the 'walkers' in Walking Dead, than popping open a cold one with this wackadoo.