What A Dishonest Cooch


no cheating

When you can't win fairly, cheat. At least that's the impression of this breaking story from Virginia.

Here's the headline that was leaked to all the major news organizations: USA TODAY

Documents: Va. gov. candidate misled investigators

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — Documents in a federal fraud case allege that Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe lied to a federal official investigating a Rhode Island estate planner now imprisoned for receiving death benefits on annuities secured on terminally ill people without their knowledge.

Now if you're observant, you'll  notice this is sourced, AP.

Well, they seem reputable enough, so I'd say Terry McAuliffe has some 'splainin' to do. And this could shake his campaign and his steady but generally stagnant lead over Virginia Attorney General, Ken 'Kiss My' Cuccinelli. This could be the straw that breaks Terry's back and gives the Governor's mansion over to the anti-sodomy candidate, the Cooch.

But, all is not as it seems. This story, as soon after it was fact-checked was removed by AP.

NOTE: The Associated Press has retracted this earlier story, which USA TODAY ran online.

Now when something gets pulled, there's generally a legal reason. And a story not being factually correct falls into that category. The old slander and libel risks prevail.

I applaud AP for finally performing their due diligence and dropping such false accusations. But what's with USA TODAY?

Even deeper on my mind is where did this story emanate from? Who stands to prosper from such accusations? Who would benefit from all of this? Who released this false accusation?

I'm not going to accuse anyone, but if I could, the name that comes to mind rhymes with Puccinelli.

  • David G

    Bill, the outrage is there, so are our posts calling out those who lie no matter whether the perp is Rep or Dem or "other." You are so right. DG

  • So, not to defend any Republicans, whom I despise, why are you not outraged by the National Intelligence Director of a Democratic administration lying to Congress?

    The reality is that lying in Washington is the norm. It's what they do. It is their way of life. They seldom even try to conceal it from us any more. The "news" today is when someone does NOT lie.

  • Fred Wilder

    I can't deal with the American MSM any longer, 30 years of incompetence, stupidity, corruption and lying have convinced me that most media outlets do not deserve 1st amendment protection. Its sad when the most reliable sources for news are the BBC, CBC and Al Jazeera.

  • You're so old school.

  • Clancy

    I didn't go to school for journalism or anything fancy like that, but aren't they supposed to do that whole "fact checking" part before they publish?

  • Russ Green

    You just can not make this silliness from the GOP up, it just gets funnier and funnier. The only sad part is that there really people out there who really believe all of it.....go figure....