The Heir, On-Air, Blows Square To The Spare With Fair Hair


Guthrie Gregory

Let's get down to it. Gregory or Guthrie? They're not just two pretty faces. They are the front (wo)man for NBC's most durable public affairs program, the prestigious MEET THE PRESS.

This year the Boston Red Sox miraculously went from worst, to first. MTP threatens to do the same, but in reverse.

They have steadily been the standard bearer for decades and the erosion has been felt ever since the untimely passing of Tim Russert. From the founding days of Lawrence Spivak until now, MTP has been a gold standard in the Sunday morning punditry and political gab.

But now there's a change in the air.

The heir (a little play on words there,) David Gregory, is dragging down the ratings of the show. It's gotten to the point that the topic of his replacement is being discussed more and more as the ratings continue to soften like an over-ripened Dixie peach. He won't go willing, but he'll go if he's told to. There will be some face-saving manipulations required but NBC has had much success in covering up their failures. Just look at their recent past in prime time.

I would venture the most obvious move will be Gregory's stepping aside to become a special 2014 election consultant. And if that's not face-saving enough, he might become special NBC Presidential Campaign guru. Sadly for David G, (no, the other David G., I'm DG) Savannah Guthrie sat in this past week as host and she did an unbelievably fine job.

The Twitter was all atweet with kudos for the fair Miss Guthrie. She totally "manhandled" Rand Paul, something mush-mouthed Gregory never could do. He always stops short of probing and is more concerned with his next question and going to commercial on cue than nailing someone who's deceitful or lying. David's adequate. Savannah's great. So in case you missed it, here's Savannah Guthrie putting the screws to Rand Paul with "follow-up." Got that David G. "Follow-up."

  • David G

    It's like a baseball or basketball player who has lost a "step" and in the competitive world of talking heads, you need to be quick, strong and decisive. Not everyone is an Ed Schultz or Lawrence O'Donnell but up against people like that, Mika would be a step or two behind. She's just as smart, just not as engaged. She lacks the killer instinct that the job requires... at least to do it right. DG

  • RepublicanSwine

    Oh, I agree with you there Dave. Mika comes off terribly on Joe. And its a real shame when I remember what she had starting at MSNBC.

  • David G

    I think Savannah was quite good actually but I think there are others. The only stray thought for me in your comment is Mika. She has lost whatever she had. I think she's as much a joke for being soft and jellylike as Joe is a bully on their show. She generally agrees with him on even conservative talking points, and when she does object, it's too passive and she then moves on. DG

  • RepublicanSwine

    Prop a Mannequin in the chair and it's more hard-hitting than Gregory. I thought Savannah did a sufficient job but as opposed to what? I agree she at least did "Follow Up" A good point Dave.

    Would like to see Maddow guest host a few times. She does her homework and doesn't tolerate being "big footed" by, what I call, "shout & pout" scripted RWNJs. Other contenders would be Joy Reid or Thomas Roberts. His recent take down of Rinse Penis (Reince Priebus) showed some real promise.

    Another sleeper in the NBC family is Mika Brzezinski. Yes, I said Mika. Before being Brow-Beat by Morning Jerk, she filled in on various programs for MSNBC. Her interviews were superb. Some of the best I've seen. She could quote numerous newspaper articles regarding the subject-at-hand & pressed hard about contradictory statements made by the guest. Like Russert, she also had plenty of video files on hand for proving her points or challenging her guests.

    Another consideration is going Retro and introducing rotating panelists on MTP. Preferably none from the incestuous DC Press Corp. For instance, if you're going to discuss Climate Change have Real CLIMATE SCIENTISTS on. Not Pundits. Let's see how well Oil Tools like Jim Inhofe fare then.

    Well, off to the gallery for some peanuts.